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There was a special delivery on Tuesday night’s episode of Little People, Big World.

And we mean this literally.

Aud, Jer and Ember

Before getting to the main storyline of the installment, we’ll talk for a moment about Amy Roloff.

She’s been the most central figure of the new season, having said on previous installments that and she isn’t sure about her future with Chris Marek.

This time around, she and Chris were on a vacation when she got mad him for abandoning her.

"I’m definitely enjoying the trip, but we did get into an argument," Roloff told the camera at one point, explaining what happened:

"When we were having dinner, he just left, and he was gone for a long time, and I was left by myself. I had no idea where he was, what we was doing."

Marek eventually returned and shrugged off Amy’s complaint initially.

He just want to speak to some friends. What was the big deal?

"My head was in a different place when I walked away from the table," he said, adding that he apologized and the two are now on good terms.

"There’s some fundamentals in a relationship, and the two that we’ve got nailed are trust and communication.

"We trust each other 100 percent and we communicate well, so that’s part of the reason it’s going so well."

It really is. The couple has now been together for over a year.

Amy Roloff on a Motorcycle

But enough about an old relationship.

Let’s talk about a brand new one… as in, the relationship Audrey Roloff formed last night with daughter Ember Jean, who took her sweet and adorable time entering the world.

The episode was filmed many months ago, so we caught up with Audrey and Jeremy while they were anxiously awaiting their daughter’s birth.

The thing, is she was late.

"It’s a really unsettling feeling just knowing that any day I could wake up and go into labor … and just knowing that the most pain I’ve ever experienced is right around the corner," Audrey admitted.

We’re sure millions of women can relate.

She added: "Mentally and emotionally, the toll it takes on you is kind of exhausting."

Audrey Roloff, Ember Jean, Jeremy Roloff

As the days continued to tick away and Audrey remained pregnant, she touched on another problem this raised:

"My plan is to have a natural childbirth, but if I go 12 days past my due date, then that’s when the doctors will want to induce," she revealed.

"I don’t want to be induced, so I’m just really hoping and praying that she’ll come before then."

As fans of the family and the series must know by now, Audrey gave birth on September 10, a full 10 days past her due date.

This did allow her to have a natural birth, however.

The night she went into labor, Audrey suffered excruciating contractions … without any kind of epidural or painkiller.


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"The closest thing it feels like to me is someone taking a chainsaw to your stomach," she said.

(Have we mentioned of late that all women are total and complete superheroes?)

Despite doubting herself an hour into delivery (I kept thinking, I’m not sure if my body is going to be able to do this), Audrey pushed on and pushed through and pushed her first child out.

Ember was born at 9:40 a.m., weighing 7.13 lbs. and measuring 20.25 inches long.

"Seeing her for the first time was crazy," Audrey said. "Just so exhausted and so full of joy. … It’s just a miracle the way it goes down."

To see this incredible experience in action, click below to watch Little People, Big World online.

Watch Little People, Big World Season 13 Episode 5 Online
Watch Little People, Big World Season 13 Episode 5 Online