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Snapchat isn’t dead! Not as long as pictures like this one are turning up on it. 

Bella Thorne is tantalizing her followers with a special treat. And no, it’s not confirmation of her first pregnancy. Let those rumors rest. Probably.

As you’ll see below, she’s treating her fans to a brand new topless photo.

Bella Thorne, Topless on Snapchat
Photo via Snapchat

In this stunning new snap, Bella poses topless with one hand draped across her breast.

Her slender fingers aren’t really covering much, but it’s at least enough that she could crosspost the pic to Instagram if she wanted.

She’s giving the camera a bold, sultry look that reminds us of Manet’s Olympia. That painting’s contrast to past similar works, such as Titian’s Venus d’Urbino, was notably that the nude woman is gazing directly at the viewer.

Just as Bella is doing. It shows a boldness and personal strength.

Contrasting with her alabaster skin, she is wearing black leather pants.

To round out the photo, she took this pic outdoors.

Bella Thorne, Good Morning
Photo via Instagram

In a video for Vogue titled "Inside The Life of Bella Thorne," the 20-year-old actress revealed that she can rake in considerable cash via social media.

Like so many stars, she gets paid for her posts.

"For [an Instagram] grid posting, it’s 65 grand a post."

That is, to be clear, $65,000. That’s … well, it’s not a house, but it’s certainly a car. For a photograph with a caption.

"For story posting, it’s anywhere from 10 to 20K, and for Snapchat, it’s the same as Insta story."

That is a tremendous amount of money.

We all know that celebrities are paid for their endorsements, but it sounds like Bella is in the upper echelons of social media product integration.

Bella Thorne, Topless and Smiling
Photo via Instagram

And it has paid off.

"I started out at 18 with literally $200 in my bank account and I bought this house a year later, a year and a half."

Bella is now 20.

"That’s all from social media."

She also works as an actress, of course, but she may use money from different revenue streams in different ways.

"I was raised to think social media is everything,"

Clearly, it is.

Belle Thorne in a Red Bikini Top
Photo via Instagram

Though she is no stranger to showing some skin, Bella also reveals parts of her life with her fans and followers.

Sometimes, it’s good news about an upcoming film project.

Other times, she gets very personal and discusses bone-chilling subjects.

Earlier this year, Bella Thorne revealed that she had been sexually abused until she was 14 years old.

Not long after, she decided to take a break from social media.

Revealing the difficult truths of your life to millions of strangers takes its toll. We’re glad that she took time for self-care.

We are also glad that she is feeling up to returning to social media.

Bella Thorne Naked
Photo via Instagram

Bella’s thirst traps aren’t just a hobby. They’re part of her job.

Reality stars and yes, even singers and actors need to take social media seriously or leave it to experts.

(Social media managers exist for a reason, folks!)

It’s great to see Bella’s recent pics, and not just because so many of them are thirst traps.

We’re delighted to see her being successful.

It’s what she deserves.