Amber Portwood Reveals Gender of Baby #2!

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Last month, the world learned that Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child.

For the most part, Amber has kept a low-profile since her breakup with Matt Baier, but she was clearly excited to share the baby news with fans.

Today, she offered an exciting new update, revealing the gender of her second child on Instagram!

Here's the latest on all the most recent baby news involving Amber and her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon...

1. Amber and Andrew

Amber and Andrew
Amber began dating Andrew Glennon, a reality TV producer, after the two of them met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp.

2. On to the Next One

On to the Next One
Amber appeared on the show alongside her then-fiance, Matt Baier. When Baier fled for Vegas after the televised therapy didn't go as planned, Amber began her relationship with Glennon.

3. Moving Quickly

Moving Quickly
Obviously, the breakup was not pretty, but Matt and Amber got over each other with surprising speed. These days, he's married, and she's expecting her second child.

4. Full Support

Full Support
Amber has received well-wishes from both Matt and her baby daddy Gary Shirley. Most importantly, her daughter Leah is excited about the new arrival.

5. Excited Big Sister

Excited Big Sister
"Leah knows about the baby and is excited," a source told E! News. "She can't wait to be a big sister."

6. The Big News

The Big News
And today, Amber finally revealed if she and Andrew and Leah will be welcoming a boy or a girl...

7. It's a Boy!

It's a Boy!
Amber made the big reveal on Instagram with a photo of a Christmas ornament.

8. Baby Glennon!

Baby Glennon!
"Little baby Glennon is on his way!!🤰🤗" Amber captioned the image.

9. Still Together!

Still Together!
Yes, it seems that Amber and Andrew are still an item. Fans are hopeful that Amber has finally found the right man.

10. A Difficult Pregnancy

A Difficult Pregnancy
But not all is well in Amber's world these days. According to E! News, the Teen Mom 2 star has been experiencing "a lot of morning sickness."

11. An Ongoing Battle

An Ongoing Battle
"Amber is still battling sickness from the pregnancy but is feeling positive these days," a source tells the outlet.

12. But There's Good News, Too ...

But There's Good News, Too ...
Despite her recent health troubles, Amber is said to be wholly optimistic about the future, thanks in part to one recent development ...

13. Andrew Is Moving In!

Andrew Is Moving In!
Yes, sources say Glennon is preparing to re-locate to Indiana in order to live with Amber and Leah.

14. A Major Step Forward

A Major Step Forward
"Andrew is in the process of moving to Indiana full-time and moving in with her so that will be a nice way for them to kick off the new year," says one insider.

15. Gary's Thoughts

Gary's Thoughts
And how does Gary feel about all the sudden changes in the life of his ex (and, consequently, his daughter)?

16. A Good Place

A Good Place
"Everyone's getting along right now," another source told E! News. "They are in a good place of co-parenting Leah."

17. Suspicious Fans

Suspicious Fans
Some of his Amber's fans, however, remain suspicious of Andrew and his intentions.

18. A Sketchy Past

A Sketchy Past
Glennon has been accused of stalking and harassing his exes, and some feel that his eagerness to leave behind his lucrative career in LA in order to move to Indiana is a major red flag. Whatever the case, one thing is certain...

19. Amber Remains Hopeful

Amber Remains Hopeful
Amber seems to believe that this is the set of circumstances she's been searching for her entire life. We hope she's right, and we wish her and her growing family all the best...

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