Zach Roloff: Accused of Endangering Precious Little Jackson

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Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff may be the least controversial couple on television.

The Little People, Big World stars seem totally and completely in love, both with each other and with their 11-month old son, Jackson.

Heck, Tori has made a point to say that her Instagram feed will be full of positivity, gratitude and light.

Jackson Roloff at Almost a Year

What could there possibly be to criticize about the TLC personalities, right?

Apparently some folks on the Internet have taken this question as a challenge, considering Tori just received some negative feedback on a social media post for the first time we can remember.

Earlier this week, the mother of one does what she does so often:

She posted a very sweet photo of Jackson hanging out with his father.

In this case, however, Zach is sitting on a large riding lawn mower and Jackson is on his lap and a bunch of followers were simply NOT having it.

"Hopefully the lawnmower wasn't moving. If so, seriously consider a helmet for Jackson," wrote a user named "harper1965" in response to the picture below.

Other similar comments were also listed alongside the image.

Zach Roloff on His Tractor

Initially, Tori paid these no mind.

She quoted the movie The Greatest Showman in her original caption, writing at the time of sharing:

It’s everything you ever want. It’s everything you ever need. And it’s here right in front of you. This is where you want to be.

However, upon being made aware that a bit of backlash had built up in regard to Jackson's safety in this set-up, Tori made the unusual step of returning later on to update her caption.

And this is what she added:


LOL. So there you have it.

Even when folks think they've found a reason to drag Tori and Zach, the stars come out and prove these trolls wrong.

Tori Roloff and Jackson Roloff at the Pool

Everyone should have known they'd never place Jackson in any sort of danger.

Over the past few weeks instead, Mom and Dad have placed Jackson in nothing but fun situation.

First, as you can see above, Tori gave fans an update on Jackson's swim lessons.

Then, as you can see below, Tori posted a number of terrific Jackson photos from his very first Easter:

An Easter Celebration

So very precious, right?!?

Jackson turns a year old on May 10 and we simply can't wait to see what sort of celebration the Roloffs throw for him.

We're excited to add to the following photo gallery of adorable images.

We started collecting them as soon as Jackson was born and we're rather proud of how many are included here.

Check them out now!

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