Tristan Thompson Says He Didn't Cheat on Khloe Kardashian; Here's Proof That He's Lying

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As you've likely heard by now, Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on a 9-months-pregnant Khloe Kardashian this week.

Some details are still unclear, but everyone agrees that the thing for Tristan to do now is admit he was wrong, devote himself to changing his ways, and maybe even check into rehab.

Unfortunately, one person who doesn't see the value in that agenda is Tristan himself.

Shockingly, Tristan still claims he did not cheat on Khloe.

We're guessing she's not buying it, considering there's an ever-growing mountain of evidence indicating that Tristan has in fact been sleeping around.

Check out the full case against disgraced the Cleveland Cavs foward below...

1. An Ugly Pattern

An Ugly Pattern
Tristan doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to fidelity. In fact, he left his pregnant girlfriend, Jordan Craig, in order to hook up with Khloe. But sources say he went to great lengths to convince the Kardashians he'd changed his ways. We now know it was all BS...

2. Horrendous Timing

Horrendous Timing
Yesterday, several reliable media outlets, including TMZ and People magazine, reported that Tristan cheated on Khloe at least twice in the past six months. The news came as Khloe was preparing to welcome a child with Thompson. Now that the couple's baby girl has enetered the world, the stakes couldn't be higher.

3. The Proof

The Proof
And how do we know Tristan has been unfaithful? Well, the outlets that made the original claims came bearing receipts, and it's getting harder and harder for Thompson to play innocent.

4. The First Incident

The First Incident
The first evidence of Tristan's infidelity is from back in October of 2017. Khloe would have been about three months pregnant at the time.

5. The Hookah Hookup

The Hookah Hookup
Video from the night in question shows Tristan getting intimate with two different women at a hookah lounge. One of the women puts her hand on Thompson's crotch. He later places his face on the other one's breasts.

6. And That's Not All...

And That's Not All...
We're sure that probably would have been enough to prompt Khloe to kick her baby daddy to the curb. However, it wasn't long before news of a second, more recent incident emerged...

7. A Second Video

A Second Video
Yes, clip number two was released the very same day, and while it may not be as damning as the original footage, it still leaves Tristan with some serious explaining to do.

8. Hotel Hookup

Hotel Hookup
The footage shows Thompson getting friendly with what appears to be a female fan at a club in NYC just last week. The two leave the establishment together and head to Tristan's hotel around 5 am.

9. Tristan's Mystery Woman

Tristan's Mystery Woman
At least one of Tristan's hookup partners - the woman captured on security camera footage here - remains unidentified. But we have a pretty good idea about the other two...

10. A Dubious Confession

A Dubious Confession
An Instagram user identified only by the handle "@ms.stephaniee_" has come forward as one of the women who hooked up with Tristan in D.C. And that's not the only bombshell she dropped this week...

11. ANOTHER Baby On the Way?!

ANOTHER Baby On the Way?!
Shortly before making her account private, Stephanie revealed that she's expecting a child. Naturally, fans immediately began to speculate that Tristan is the father.

12. No Fan of the Spotlight

No Fan of the Spotlight
Unfortunately, before anyone was able to get to the bottom of the situation, Stephanie closed off her IG page and left a message to the media. But not all of Tristan's alleged side-pieces are quite so shy...

13. Enter Lani Blair

Enter Lani Blair
Lani Blair is a New York City-based model and exotic dancer. She was allegedly the woman who accompanied Tristan to his hotel room last week.

14. The Blair Truth?

The Blair Truth?
Lani's not answering questions at the moment either. But with an Instagram following of more than 360,000, you can bet she'll be happy to talk once the dust settles. And then it'll be harder than ever for Tristan to defend himself.

15. Say What?!

Say What?!
Yes, believe it or not, sources close to the situation say Thompson still maintains he did nothing wrong.

16. Tristan to Khloe: Prove It!

Tristan to Khloe: Prove It!
“He is not coming clean about this, and told her that he wants her to prove it,” one insider tells Radar Online.

17. A Family Challenge

A Family Challenge
“He wants Khloe or her family to show him evidence that he was unfaithful this past weekend. Until she provides this to her, he is going to claim he is innocent," the source adds. Apparently, Tristan thinks the Kardashians don't have access to Google.

18. A Partial Confession

A Partial Confession
One insider says that Tristan did cop to the D.C. hookup, but continues to deny the more recent New York affair. “Tristan admitted to Khloe that he cheated on her with the two women on that tape because he had to. He was caught red-handed,” the tipster claims. It seems Tristan won't be coming clean anytime soon, which can only mean one thing...

19. It's Time For Khloe to Cut Him Loose

It's Time For Khloe to Cut Him Loose
There may be a path to redemption available to Tristan, but it has to start with a full confession. Until he's willing to admit his wrongdoing, Khloe is better off being a single mom.

20. Time to Decide

Time to Decide
Early reports now indicate that Khloe has welcomed her first child. Needless to say, this is surely a bittersweet day for the 33-year-old.

21. What Lies Ahead

What Lies Ahead
Only time will tell what the future holds for Khloe and Tristan, so for now, we'll simply offer our congrats to Khloe! May better times be in store!

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