The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: Null and Annoyed

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The Flash is morphing into a procedural, and that's down to the tired old sub-plot surrounding the bus metas and how Team Flash has to find them before The Thinker strikes again. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 kicked off, Ralph and Barry were thinking of ways to round up the remain metas, but the stretchy superhero decided to change things up. 

As expected, this irked Barry and the scarlet speedster wasted no time in closing shutting the operation down because he was worried they were putting themselves in even more danger. 

Barry Allen on The Flash

Barry fretted that Ralph was not taking the severity of the situation seriously, and wondered whether there was something bigger at play with him. 

But Iris claimed it would all work out in the end. Barry seemed to think otherwise, but we're sure we will get confirmation of that before long. 

Just as Thinking Cap revealed the whereabouts of the final two metas, the two men set off on their mission to get the 11th meta before it was too late. 

While it seemed like Barry worried about Ralph's allegiance to the team, it became apparent that they trusted each other completely when Barry caught Barry who fell out of the sky. 

A Prison Break on The Flash

The reason? Vampires had chased him, and he was not able to breach away. This is the man who threatened Cisco's very existence for getting close to his daughter. 

However, Cisco continued to prove he was one of the nicest people around and agreed to help the old man out of his pickle. 

Caitlin was quick to point out that the issue plaguing Breacher was that his old age was catching up with him and he would not be able to continue fighting all of the crime. 

Cisco was scared to say that to him and made him think he was all better. It was a silly, silly move, but it's difficult to tell someone you think they're old, right?

Flash Season 2 Suit

In any case, it caused more trouble because Breacher got caught up in another fight with Crucifer Luckily, he managed to find his way back to the lair, but he wanted answers. 

Despite storming off upon hearing the truth, Breacher returned to let Cisco know he was retiring and that Cisco would make a great replacement for him. 

Elsewhere, Marlize finally figured out that she was being drugged by the Weeper's tears. The only way she felt she could stay sane was to record a video revealing all about it. 

It was later revealed she had already done so several times, so she was much further gone than she first thought. 

Harry Wells on The Flash

But Clifford showed up armed with the tears and Brainstorm's DNA to make her listen to him. Oh yes, Marlize is definitely in for a tough time of it. 

The biggest shocker was saved for the conclusion of the episode when Harry went into the Time Vault and accessed Gideon, who said that over 1000 days had passed since they last spoke ... 

Is Harry back to his wicked old ways?

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The Flash continues Tuesdays on CW!

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