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On the day that Khloe Kardashian gave birth, it was reported that even she wasn’t quite sure what name to put on the birth certificate. As it turns out, this was only half-true.

She knew that she wanted to name her daughter True.

But, in light of Tristan Thompson cheating on her, she has been agonizing about her baby’s last name.

Khloe Kardashian Has Had It
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TMZ reports that Khloe has struggled with her baby’s surname after Tristan’s cheating scandal came to light just two days before she gave birth.

That is very understandable.

Specifically, they say that she decided to name her daughter True about a month ago.

As the happy grandmomager Kris Jenner quickly explained, the name "True" isn’t as whimsical (or potentially shady) as it sounds. It’s a recurring name on Kris’ side of the family.

What had Khloe thrown for a loop was what True’s last name should be.

Because up until the news broke that Tristan was a no good cheater who’d been stepping out on her throughout her pregnancy, Khloe was going to give her baby Tristan’s last name.

Khloe Kardashian at 6 Months
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TMZ says that their reliable Kardashian sources say that Khloe was "beyond conflicted" when it came time to actually fill out True’s name on the certificate.

Was True going to be True Kardashian, with one of the most recognized surnames on the planet?

Or was True going to be named True Thompson, after her lying cheating father.

The sources divulged that it took Khloe a couple of days before she decided to bite the bullet and give True her father’s last name.

(You have to wonder if Khloe was dead set on alliteration with her first child, just as she and all of her sisters had K-names … though Tristan of course also has alliteration in his name)

Khloe Kardashian Parties
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TMZ doesn’t always go into how they know certain things … but they’re actually giving some details on how they worked out the timeline, aside fromt heir sources.

They say that someone very close to Khloe — which doesn’t narrow things down, given the size of her family and her friend group — placed an order for some gifts.

Specifically, they ordered blankets and other baby supplies from Petit Tresor in Beverly Hills right as the Tristan cheating scandal was making headlines.

The order came with instructions — to hold off on embroidering any initials until Khloe had decided on True’s last name.

The final call, in which the blankets were ordered with "TT" as the initials, was not made until Monday.

Khloe Kardashian Baby Bump Photo
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True’s last name should not be seen as a sign that Khloe’s just going to forget that Tristan took his penis on tour while their child was growing inside of her.

In fact, it sounds like Khloe is planning to leave Tristan and take her baby with her.

Sure, she’s been in Cleveland, but that’s because you can’t safely fly right after giving birth. She needs the all-clear from her doctor, first.

Also, all of the nursery items for her baby are already at Tristan’s house in Cleveland. You know, the place where Khloe had been fully prepared to raise their daughter.

Clearly, plans have changed.

And word is that Khloe’s mother and sisters have helped her prepare to head back to Calabasas as soon as the doctor says that it’s safe.

Khloe Kardashian Poses With Arms Crossed
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It’s still unclear how Khloe and Tristan will handle being True’s parents, given how dramatically their relationship has been transformed.

Reportedly, Khloe’s entire family is basically just chanting "dump his ass, sis" at her.

She may have concerns over Tristan being her baby’s father, but it’s clear that Khloe is pissed at Tristan. She’ll probably stay that way for quite a while.

Khloe isn’t Tristan’s only baby mama. In fact, it’s been reported that he impregnated one of his side pieces.

If so … he might have his hands full of angry baby mamas and their babies.