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As has been well documented on the past few episodes of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff spends a lot of time with Matt Roloff.

Probably too much time, both sides of this formerly married couple has admitted.

That’s what happens when you live fewer than 1,000 feet apart and when you still work together.

Amy and, Yes, Molly
Photo via instagram

But while Amy may see plenty of her ex-husband, she sees very little of her daughter, Molly.

This member of the Roloff family has chosen to keep details of her life private.

She is not a cast member on the TLC series that has made the Roloffs famous nor does she frequently use social media or grant interviews with any magazines or tabloids.

Molly is content to simply live a non-celebrity life.

Thankfully, however, there’s no bad blood between Molly and her mother, as evidenced by the photo above and the two below.

They were all snapped over the weekend, as Amy spend a precious couple of days with her daughter.

An Amy Selfie
Photo via instagram

"The best time in Spokane visiting Molly and Joel this weekend!" wrote Amy as a caption to the images, adding for detail;

"Hike, walk around the neighborhood, favorite bookstore, local eatery, church, great conversations…. Sure will miss them! I’ll be back."

She concluded her caption with the hashtags: #spokane #auntiesbookstorespokane #amyssecondactcontinues #beautifuldaughter #favoritesoninlaw #loveyouboth.

(Amy sure does love her hashtags, LOL.)

Molly married Joel last August on her family’s farm.

It was an event attended by all members of this beloved family and one captured on camera; not by TLC, we don’t believe, but just by Amy, Matt and their kids.

They shared a number of photos from Molly’s big day on Instagram, as collected here:

Rather sweet and beautiful, huh?

Like her brother, Jacob, Molly does not appear on reality TV.

Unlike Jacob, who famously ranted about how phony and scripted Little People, Big World can be, Molly has never given a reason for her reluctance to step into the spotlight.

It may not be all that complicated.

It may be as simple as valuing her privacy, something we certainly understand.

Amy Roloff and Molly Roloff
Photo via instagram

But, it bears repeating, that there are no bad feelings in regard to Molly’s life decision.

She and Joel live in the Pacific Northwest, just like all of the former’s siblings and her parents, meaning she can at least spend some time with them every now and then.

The couple sure does look happy in these photos, and Amy looks happy to be hanging out with them.

We wonder if Chris Marek was invited or if perhaps he was just busy with other plans this weekend.

Either way, we’re glad to see Amy getting a chance to bond with Molly and we’re glad to see that Molly is doing well.

We wish her the very best.