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In less than two months Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry, thus becoming a member of the British Royal Family.

The last time an American married a royal, it resulted in a constitutional crisis and the abdication of the throne.

Needless to say, this is something of a big deal, and Buckingham Palace is keen to avoid any sort of scandal.

Meghan Markle Face
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So the news that naked photos of Markle are currently making their way around the internet probably wasn’t greeted with tremendous excitement by the queen and company.

The alleged nudes appeared earlier this week on Celeb Jihad, a site that’s every bit as incendiary as its title would lead your to believe.

Fortunately, it seems those currently clutching their pearls across the pond can rest easy.

Those who have seen the pics (which have since been deleted) say there’s solid evidence to indicate that they were doctored.

“These are fake photos," a palace representative declared unequivocally today.

Meghan Markle in Beige
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Of course, even if it turned out the pics were real, we highly doubt that would do much to interfere with Harry and Meghan’s relationship.

After all, she wouldn’t even be the first royal to have her private parts put on display for all the world.

That title belongs to Sarah Ferguson (aka the OG Fergie), who was photographed nude while sunbathing back in 1992.

The pics were published by the Daily Mirror, because British tabloids have a long and proud history of being gross.

Anyway, the bogus photos come at a time when everything else is coming up roses for Ms. Markle.

Megan and Harry
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Earlier this week, Meghan and Harry mailed their wedding invitations, which means there’s no going back now!

Those who know the couple best say the invites were printed using American ink and English cardstock in order to reflect the heritage of both partners.

Yes, Meghan has officially entered that strata of obscene wealth where people know what country produced the ink they’re using for their wedding invitations.

It’s a level of baller that few will ever know.

Clearly, Meghan has no time for your fake nudes, peasants!