Meghan King Edmonds Channels Pregnant Beyonce, Leaves Internet Aghast

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According to the Internet, Meghan King Edmonds just made a royal mistake.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member, who announced her second pregnancy in late November, has posed for a new photo on Instagram.

Meghan King Edmonds is Pregnant

It's a way for her to act all excited about the pair of babies in her belly, but it's not exactly being met with enthusiasm by ...

... well, anyone who has looked at it.

And this is because Edmonds has the audacity in this snapshot to straight up copy the one and only Beyonce Knowles.

Not just in some vague or broad fashion, either.

But by deliberately and blatantly channeling the iconic singer and the legendary way in which she announced she was pregnant with twins back in February of 2017.

We're guessing you remember that image, right?

Just in case you somehow forgot...

Beyonce: Pregnant With Twins Photo

Shortly after the time of this photo's publication, it became the most-Liked picture in the history of Instagram.

(Tragically, it has since been surpassed by Kylie Jenner's first-ever baby photo. But that isn't the point at the moment.)

So, what did Edmonds just dare to do?

Copy Beyonce exactly!

"If I can’t be Queen Bey I’ll settle for King Edmonds," wrote the ex-reality star as a caption to the photograph below.

She also added the hashtags: #twinscomingsoon #imitationisflattery #thisIsNotMyMaternityShoot.

Meghan King Edmonds Channels Beyonce

As you might expect, the Internet wasn't exactly psyched about this recreation.

Yes, of course the former Bravo star can pose in any way she wants...but come on now,  Meghan!

Be your own person! Don't just copy the most popular celebrity on the planet.

As you can see below, one person referred to this photo as "offensive," but others rushed to the star's defense.

Where do you stand on this very contentious issue?


In January, Edmonds resigned her position as a Real Houswife, writing on her official blog:

"Today is a bittersweet day for me.  After three seasons of the rollercoaster that is The Real Housewives of Orange County I’ve decided to hang up my OC Housewife hat...

"I must focus on my family and my pregnancy.   

"I will miss the rush of the first all-cast event of the season, the anticipation of receiving each week’s episode, the thrill of wrapping the reunion."

Will you miss Edmonds on the series?

Sound off below, and then be taken back Beyonce's memorable photo shoots right here and now: 

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