Meghan King Edmonds: Pregnant with Second Child!

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Though rumors continue to swirl that she could be one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Orange County getting fired, Meghan King Edmonds continues to have plenty of fans who are happy tor updates on her life.

And, well, she has a pretty major life update:

She's pregnant! And she's expecting a ...

Meghan King Edmonds holds Aspen

Meghan King Edmonds posted a very lengthy announcement on her blog, writing:

"So we’ve made it to the announcement: Aspen is going to be a big sister!"

That's exciting! Though we'd point out that this announcement came on Aspen's first birthday (yesterday), so she won't be much older than her younger sibling.

"It was so hard for us to keep it a secret from everyone especially since we shared our entire IVF journey with Aspen on RHOC from the very beginning."

And there's a lot of detail about her latest IVF journey in this post, as well.

"Tonight on the RHOC reunion you’ll see that I’m only one month pregnant, but that was filmed five weeks ago: we are now ten weeks pregnant (and I’m feeling every bit of it)!"

Awww, that's wonderful news!

"Because you won’t see any of our current journey on RHOC, I’ll share our beautiful journey with you here!"

Maybe she just means because, you know, the show doesn't quite film back-to-back, but some are reading that line as confirmation that Meghan King Edmonds won't return to RHOC next year.

Meghan King Edmonds, Husband, Aspen

Her post continues:

"When Aspen was only a few months old, Jimmy and I knew we wanted to add another baby to the mix."

Wow. Most parents of infants are too tired to tie their shoes properly, let alone make major life decisions.

"Yes, Aspen has half-siblings but we wanted her to be able to share in the joy of waking up to a sibling every day of her life."

It's good that she reassures readers that she's not pretending that Aspen's an only child. And then some:

"Plus her half-siblings are completely enamored by Aspen and they LOVED the idea of expanding our family even more."

Little siblings are very exciting.

"I had reliable companionship this time around with Jimmy by my side, my trusty furry companion Girly Girl and of course, baby Aspen."

She mentions them for a great reason.

"It may seem silly to mention Aspen and Girly Girl but this support system was everything to me during round 2 of IVF."

There's nothing silly about a support system!

Aspen Photo

In case anyone had forgotten, she recapped her previous struggles with IVF.

"Side note: If you remember from RHOC, during my first round of IVF I entered the worst depression of my life, probably due to the erratic hormones combined with loneliness."

Guys, if you know anyone who's had hormone treatments, you know that it can have devastating effects on mental and emotional health.

Remember when you were 14 and had all of these feelings and they all seemed so important? Well, imagine suddenly being plunged into that again as an adult, but magnified.

Meghan King Edmonds talked about how she was able to cope:

"I was able to wean off my depression meds halfway through my pregnancy with Aspen which directly corresponded with when I got Girly Girl, and I haven’t been on a lick of antidepressants since then."

We hope that all of this weaning was done under a doctor's supervision.

"Dogs are truly woman’s best friend and medicine for the soul… and apparently clinical depression!"

Not all depression can be cured with a pet, of course -- but some specific issues can totally be addressed with a pet.

Meghan King Edmonds Image

Now, she goes into great detail into the IVF process ... which is great for anyone wondering what that's like.

And then she talks about where she is now:

"Fast forward to today and I am pregnant! I’m not feeling the greatest but we know that it will all be worth it in the end."

Surrogates are always an option to a couple of means. Just saying.

"Aspen will make a fabulous big sister at only a year-and-a-half old in June 2018!"

So we already know the (very approximate) due date! Though we could have puzzled it out with the knowledge that she's 10 weeks pregnant.

"Oh, what about the biggest question: Boy or girl? Think blue this time around!"

Ah, yes, the ever-important arbitrary gendering of colors.

But still, Aspen's going to love having a younger brother!

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