Mackenzie Standifer: Ryan Edwards Isn't on Drugs! Stop the Lies!

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If some random person told you that Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG fame had failed a drug test and was back in rehab, you'd probably believe it, right?

After all, it's not that hard to believe.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom O. G.

For the past few years, tons of Teen Mom viewers suspected that he had a drug problem, what with the way his eyes often appeared to be on the verge of popping out of his head in several scenes.

If that wasn't the issue, it was his habit of nodding off -- like he notably did in the scene when he drove himself and Mackenzie Standifer to their first wedding.

That footage was filmed in May of last year, and it was alarming, to say the least.

At one point, Mackenzie even had to grab the wheel for him, and we heard her asking him if he'd been taking Xanax "again" as she turned off the cameras in the car.

Shortly after that, Ryan was sent off to rehab, and in the current season of Teen Mom OG, it was revealed that he'd been addicted to heroin.

Ryan Edwards: Teen Mom OG Photo

So for the timeline, he was doing heroin for a while, went to rehab, checked out early, got absolutely wasted at his November wedding, and now here we are.

And that's why if we heard that he'd relapsed it wouldn't exactly be the most shocking news in the world.

Earlier this week, a story began making the rounds -- a story that claimed he had, in fact, had a bit of a setback with his sobriety.

The story was originally posted in a Teen Mom group on Facebook, where a person with "inside information" alleged that Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test last Friday.

According to this supposed insider, he had meth and "various types of pills" in his system, and because of this, he lost visitation rights with Bentley.

Ryan, Bentley

A hilarious detail: the rumor also claims that he tried to bring in some secret urine to pass the test, but his little plan was ruined when he dropped the container and spilled it all.

The day after that, this person says that he checked himself into rehab, and that Mackenzie is telling everyone that he's out of town "attending a truck driving school."

Oh, and speaking of Mackenzie, because of this mess, she allegedly lost custody of her son, and now she's only allowed to see him once a week at Ryan's parents' house (???).

Finally, the post claimed that Ryan "had a $1500 a day habit that included not only heroin, but cocaine, meth, xanax, and klonopin."

That's a whole, whole lot of information, right?

Ryan at His Wedding

And Mackenzie is not here for it.

Pretty much immediately after this story began to get some attention, she made a statement to Radar Online -- and she denied everything.

"It's not true at all," she insisted. "He's right here next to me."

She also added that "it's disgusting to say something that has absolutely no merit," and that "if Ryan failed a court-ordered drug test he would be in jail."

Normally we'd have a hard time believing her, because goodness knows she's struggled with being believable in the past -- remember when she tried to say that she didn't know anything about Ryan's drug use until their wedding day?

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards

But this time around, we definitely think she's telling the truth.

If Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test and if Mackenzie had subsequently lost custody of her child, there's no way someone in a Facebook group would be the one to break that news.

As popular as Teen Mom gossip has become, there are several sites that keep an eye out for court documents concerning any of these people. Just think of how many court-related stories we've heard about Adam Lind.

Besides, the reunion was filmed last weekend in New York, the same day Ryan was supposed to have checked into rehab, and several people in attendance have confirmed that he was there.

Obviously Ryan isn't doing super well with everything -- the scenes from his second wedding proved that.

But making up elaborate stories about fake urine and failed drug tests and all kinds of child custody woes?

Not cool, guys. Not cool at all.

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