Teen Mom OG Reunion Secrets Revealed: Who Bailed? Who Brawled?

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Well, it's that time of year again.

Another Teen Mom OG reunion special is upon us, but it seems things will be decidedly different on this year's show.

For starters two of the moms won't be participating in person.

But that doesn't mean they haven't found ways to make their presence felt.

Jump in for a full rundown of what you can expect from the annual sh-tshow that is the TMOG reunion special!

1. A Farrah-less Affair

A Farrah-less Affair
Sadly, this year's reunion will be without the show's most reliable source of drama. Farrah Abraham has been fired from Teen Mom OG and was not in attendance for this year's reunion taping. And she's not the only cast member who's sitting this one out ...

2. Pregnant Portwood

Pregnant Portwood
Amber Portwood also did not attend this year's taping, but for a very different reason. Amber is pregnant with her second child, and it seems she's too far along to hop a plane to New York. Sources say she was interviewed by Dr. Drew Pinsky via Skype.

3. No Surprise

No Surprise
Despite early reports that Amber made the decision at the last minute, production insiders say she was never expected to attend. "She's too pregnant to fly," said one source. "It wasn't a surprise. The crew knew she wasn't coming."

4. Maci v. Ryan

Maci v. Ryan
As for the other moms, well, it seems Maci Bookout is no closer to getting along with baby daddy Ryan Edwards. Onlookers say the two shared the stage and butted heads during the filming of the reunion.

5. Catelynn on the Mend

Catelynn on the Mend
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were also in attendance, but their appearance on the reunion was not without controversy, and believe it or not, there are some fans who believe Catelynn should've stayed home. But it's not because they don't like the perennial fan favorite. Quite the opposite, in fact.

6. Priority Report

Priority Report
Catelynn allegedly left a rehabilitation facility ahead of schedule in order to participate in the special. And there are those who firmly believe that was the wrong decision...

7. Reunion Over Rehab

Reunion Over Rehab
"Cate got permission to go home a few days early," one insider told Radar at the time she left treatment. "She wants to be home for a while before getting ready for the reunion."

8. A Dangerous Distraction?

A Dangerous Distraction?
Many fear that fame and her professional obligations have distracted Catelynn from focusing on her mental health. They point out that she's checked into rehab three times in the past year and has left ahead of schedule each time.

9. Other Surprises

Other Surprises
So no Amber and no Farrah. The first absence is rather unexpected, the second not so much. Of course, if you think that's the only surprise in store, you don't know the TMOG reunion.

10. Deb Cameo!

Deb Cameo!
Yes, while Farrah wasn't on hand for the taping, viewers can expect an appearance by her divisive mother, Debra Danielsen.

11. A Last-Minute Decision?

A Last-Minute Decision?
There's reason to believe that Deb's inclusion in the reunion was a last-minute call by producers. Just weeks before taping, she told Radar that she did not expect to be a part of the show.

12. Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef?
It's a bit hard to see how this year's show can possibly measure up to the standards of past reunions. After all, fans are used to highlights like the infamous Farrah vs. Amber brawl. This year, neither star will be in attendance. But that doesn't mean there will be a total lack of drama...

13. Ryan's Relapse?

Ryan's Relapse?
Not only will Maci and Ryan square off on stage, we'll hopefully get an update on what's been going on with Ryan's recovery in recent months.

14. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
As you may recall, Edwards checked into rehab last summer, shortly after marrying Mackenzie Standifer. He's supposedly been "clean" ever since, but many viewers believe that's not quite the case...

15. Different Definitions of "Sober"

Different Definitions of "Sober"
Despite claims that he's entirely sober, Ryan was recently seen pounding shots and downing beers on an episode of TMOG. While it was heroin, not alcohol, that led him to seek treatement, it's still a bit troubling to see an addict engaging in such behavior so soon after leaving treatment.

16. The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In
Since Ryan will be sitting down with Dr. Drew, a licensed addiction specialist, you can be sure that he'll be asked about his substance use. And you can be sure it'll be an awkward encounter.

17. Catelynn's Conflict

Catelynn's Conflict
You can also expect Drew to ask Catelynn how her treatment is progressing. She may have left rehab early to appear on a show he's hosting, but that doesn't mean he'll sign off on the decision.

18. A Recent Tragedy

A Recent Tragedy
You can also expect Catelynn to open about her recent miscarriage, unquestionably one of the most tragic developments in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

19. It Just Won't Be the Same

It Just Won't Be the Same
Needless to say, there will be plenty of compelling drama on this year's reunion show, but sadly, things just won't be the same without Farrah stirring the pot as only she can. But hey, we'll still be tuning in...

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