Little People, Big World Fans UNLOAD on Chris Marek: Why?!

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We're very sad to say it, but...

.... here we go again.

As has been well documented over the past several months, Amy Roloff receives flak nearly every time she shares a photo of herself and boyfriend Chris Marek.

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff as a Pair

It's really not clear why.

Marek has given the public no reason not to think he's in this relationship for the right reasons and Amy has been divorced from Matt Roloff for about two years now.

And yet: 

Roloff goes on vacation with Marek, posts a picture and BAM! The fangs come out from certain followers.

There seems to be some kind of vocal minority out there that believes Marek is using Amy for her money and/or that Amy doesn't have a right to be in a serious relationship right now.

The latest example of these critics speaking out took place over the weekend.

As you can see above, Amy shared a photograph of her and Marek, out and about on St. Patrick's Day.

"A little Irish sprinkle w/ luck. #goodfriendsgoodtimes #stpatricksday #amyssecondactcontinues," wrote Amy as a caption to this seemingly harmless picture.

Amy and Chris Marek on Vacation

But was it really so harmless?

No, not according to some trolls who may or may not have some major issues with which they need to deal.

One person, for example, called Chris out for not wearing green, while another told him to go ahead and "get lost."

no green/

So what that Amy is very happy with Marek, apparently!

These Little People, Big World fans (can we even call them that, really?!?) are out for blood when it comes to Chris.

wrong with Chris?

Harsh, right?

But, wait, it gets worse...


Look, we know the Internet can be a mean place.

It would be silly of us to pretend otherwise or to list every insult anyone ever hurled at any Roloff out there.

This is just a confusing and unfortunate pattern, as Amy even gets attacked for sharing a simple post about Easter.

Thankfully, she almost always seems to have a smile on her face.

She doesn't appear as if she's letting this misguided hate get her down in any way.

We're very happy to see that.

And we can't wait to see more of Amy and her family when TLC finally starts airing new episodes of Little People, Big World on April 3.

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