Anna Duggar Appeared in WHAT Raunchy '90s Sitcom?!

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Some of our younger viewers may not remember a time when Fox was home to content deemed too edgy for more mainstream networks.

Of course, to say that our definition of "edgy" has changed dramatically in the past few decades would be an understatement.


Indeed, raw, hard-hitting episodes of Cops and early seasons of The Simpsons seem pretty tame by today's standards.

(We won't even get started on Fox's news arm.)

One show that routinely pushed the envelope in Fox's underground days, though, was the sitcom Married With Children.

The Ed O'Neil, Katey Segal and Christina Applegate vehicle was known for its crassness during a popular eight-year run.

And now it appears that one of television's trashiest families may have ties to the medium's most wholesome clans.

Josh and Anna Duggar with Family

There are few things that legions of Duggar observers love more than exposing the family members' moral imperfections.

(To be fair, the family invites this on themselves with their more sanctimonious and hypocritical tendencies. Just saying.)

In any case, the amateur sleuths who keep the closest watch on the Duggars believe they have unearthed a minor scandal.

One involving Josh Duggar's long-suffering wife, Anna.

Yes, it's hard to believe, but Duggar fans say they have evidence that Anna Duggar appeared in an episode of Married With Children.

Anna Duggar on Counting On

Back in 1992, long before she unfortunately married into the infamous Duggar clan, Anna Keller was just four years old.

Show credits confirm that an actress by that name did in fast appear in an episode of the show that aired that year.

The most obvious explanation, obviously, is that the show featured an actress who happened to have the same name.

Anna Keller. It wouldn't be the craziest coincidence.

But that doesn't explain why Anna's official IMDB (Internet Movie Database) page features her sole acting credit.

Josh and Anna Duggar on Their Wedding Day

Again, Anna would've been just four at the time.

Many fans have cited her age as evidence that it's virtually impossible for her to have appeared on Married with Children.

But others beg to differ in a heated Reddit discussion forum on the subject (yes, fans are taking this very seriously).

Anna's role was not a speaking part, these fans say, and she may have appeared in a group shot with other children.

Perhaps, but one still has to wonder how this would happen logistically, or how her conservative parents would allow it.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

Anna, of course, stayed with Josh Duggar after it was revealed that he molested five young girls, including his sisters.

And she even stayed with him when it was revealed that he'd used an Ashley Madison account to try and cheat on her.

Yeah. She's had a rough couple of years here.

Needless to say, Bundy-gate is hardly the biggest scandal that Anna's been involved with, if it's even a scandal at all.

But it would be amusing, you have to admit.

Young, impressionable Anna starring in a show about a miserable marriage decades before she crossed paths with Josh?

You can't make that kind of irony up.

As always, you can follow the link to watch Counting On online and be reminded of the extent of Anna's self-sacrifice.

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