Lilly Ghalichi: Pregnant with First Child!

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Lilly Ghalichi is no longer part of the cast of Shahs of Sunset, but in the eyes of fans, she remains a fixture of the series.

And although she's no longer on television, there's nothing stopping her from sharing good news with the world. She's pregnant, folks.

Lilly's happy to share plenty of baby bump photos. Just take a look.

Lilly Ghalichi is Pregnant

Shahs of Sunset star Asa Soltan has a baby, but Lilly Ghalichi isn't quite that far along.

But, as she told fans on Instagram while showing off her lovely baby bump, she is already very, very excited.

"Pregnancy is the most profound experience and has shown me the true strength of women. [red heart emoji]"

Sharing a couple of photos of herself showcasing her baby bump while wearing a marigold dress, she shared her message of opposing sexism.

"For Women to be treated as anything but equal, and having a girl desired any less than having a boy is completely ridiculous."

And she names one great reason for which women should be treasured and respected.

"Given that women are the creators of all life, and sacrifice so much for the lives they create."

Hard to argue with that.

Lilly Ghalichi Baby Bump

Look at that baby bump!

Lilly continued her message, revealing her hopes for her children:

"I can only hope my daughters will live in a World one day where women everywhere are respected and valued equally as men."

That's a good hope for us all to have.

In addition to those photos, which she shared with her announcement earlier this week, she followed up with even more baby bump pictures.

Here they are:

Lilly Ghalichi Pregnant with Flowers

Along with these three images, Lilly shared a message to provide a little context.

"In these photos I was only 2 months pregnant with a tiny bump, so I still fit in my normal clothes."

She looks beautiful in them, of course. But she admits that she's put on weight since then.

"I've since gained 11 pounds."

That sounds very healthy for a pregnant woman of her size.

"[I] no longer fit in any of my clothes."

That is, again, totally normal.

Lilly Ghalichi, Pregnant in a Red Coat

Lilly's figure is famous, but she says that she is really not hung up on how it may continue to change during her pregnancy.

"I'm not worried about my body or how many pounds I'll gain."

It sounds like she really has her priorities in order.

"I'm only worried about growing a healthy baby."

She follows that up with a line that shows that she has a really healthy perspective about her role as a mother.

"Whatever comes as a result is a privilege."

Lilly Ghalichi Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Fans offered up their congratulations in the comments.

In particular, she received praise for not strutting around on television with her baby bump.

It's been a few seasons since she departed from Shahs of Sunset, so that's not really a surprise.

But it's good of fans to send her their warm wishes.

Congratulations to Lilly and her husband, Dara, on this pregnancy!

We wish them the best!

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