Chris Marek Actually Speaks Out: Is He Engaged to Amy Roloff?!?

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Chris Marek is tired of listening.

He's tired of reading all those insults hurled his way via social media, as Little People, Big Word fans across the Internet accuse him of being a gold digger who is no good for Amy Roloff.

He wants to finally set the record straight.

Chris Marek Pic

For the first time that we can remember, Marek has actually sat down for an interview, talking in depth about his relationship with Roloff.

The pair have been together for nearly a year now and show no signs of slowing down.

Marek is a successful real estate agent who seems completely smitten and who has been accepted by all members of this close-knit family.

So, why do so many people out there hate Marek so much?

Why are there so many comments on Amy's Instagram page that urge her to dump his sorry, no-good rear end?

Marek has no idea.

But he can at least address one rumor that continue to make its way around the Web:

Is he engaged to Roloff? Are they planned a wedding?

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Valentines 2018

“No, we aren’t engaged,” Marek tells Radar Online in this exclusive Q&A, adding:

“Everything is good. Everything is strong, but not at this time.”

It does sound like something Marek has considered or would consider, however, and he even may have hinted to Radar just when the major question may be popped.

"Nothing major is happening now,” he insists, prior to dropping what some could consider a significant tease:

”But we have a cruise coming up next month - that’s the biggest thing happening in the near future that we are excited about."

Could this big thing include a big diamond as a gift to his long-time girlfriend?!?

We can only speculate at this time.

Amy Roloff & Chris Marek Image

Amy, of course, split from husband Matt Roloff back in May of 2016.

The reality stars released an amicable joint statement back then and haven't said a single negative word about each other in the media since.

Matt has moved on himself to a woman named Caryn Chandler, yet some folks out there continue to either hope for a reconciliation or to push Amy to at least find someone other than Chris.

As we said previously, we really can't figure out why.

Marek seems really nice!

A Family Photograph

As you can see via photos such as the one above, Chris often hangs out with Amy and her kids, which is a huge reason why we're happy to accept him in her life.

If her children don't have any objections, how can we?!?

The only question remaining is the one Marek answers above: Are they engaged? Okay, no.

But will they soon be engaged? It sounds possible, doesn't it?

You can expect The Hollywood Gossip to be leading the cheering section when this blessed event does, at last, take place.

We just want Amy Roloff to be happy.

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