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Little People, Big World…

… major tension?

On the surface, Matt and Amy Roloff get along just about as well as any formerly married couple possibly can.

They split in 2015, yet still star on a reality TV show together and still pose for photos such as this together:

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff
Photo via Facebook

However, a couple recent reports have hinted strongly that there’s some trouble in this TLC-based paradise.

First, as previously detailed, nearly every member of this famous family was on hand last weekend because it’s pumpkin picking season at the Roloff farm in Oregon.

This included Caryn Chandler, Matt’s girlfriend since March and the farm manager, an awkward arrangement considering how well she knew Amy before she started to date her ex-husband.

Sources have said Chandler basically acted like the matriarch of the clan, as she "ran the show" with Matt while Amy was shoved to the background.

You can read all about this controversy below:

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, has a follow-up account from the weekend, focusing on how Caryn organized a birthday party for Matt.

It was meant to be a surprise and loved ones such as Jeremy, Matt, Tori and Jackson all attended… but Amy wasn’t even invited!

Even though the gathering took place on her co-owned property!

"Caryn made sure some of the farm hands were there as well, and gave out party hats to some of the crowd who had gathered behind the main gift shop," an insider tells the British publication, adding:

"The odd thing was that Amy Roloff was on the other side of the barn doing meet and greets with the general public and wasn’t asked by Caryn to participate.

"It definitely felt like she was being usurped at her own farm by Matt’s new girlfriend."

This appears to be an ongoing problem.

Caryn Chandler

Those who watch Little People, Big World online and/or have followed these stars closely are aware that Amy has been dating Chris Malek for over 10 months now.

It’s not as though she’s alone and jealous.

But it is as though Caryn may be trying to replace her role within the family in some ways.

"I never once saw Amy speak to Caryn, there’s a real tension there," The Daily Mail insider adds, expounding as follows:

"The kids seem caught in the middle. This was baby Jackson’s first day at the farm during pumpkin season, it was kind of a big deal and Amy was shut out."

Happy Birthday to Grandpa
Photo via Instagram

Amy and Matt finalized their divorce last year.

But they remain business partners, parents to four kids and now grandparents to a pair of babies.

Jackson was born to Zach and Tori in May, while Ember Jean was born to Audrey and Jeremy last month.

"It was obvious that Matt and Caryn run the show during pumpkin season, while Amy has been relegated to "greeter" on the farm she spent decades helping to create," this report concludes.

That sounds awkward.

Let’s hope this alleged tension doesn’t impact Matt and Amy’s relationship too much.

We’d hate to see such a close-knit family torn apart.