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Be warned, folks — there are some The Bachelor Spoilers in this post.

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s explosive choice — and then his jaw-dropping and frankly horrifying decision a few weeks after the finale was filmed — have been aired.

Now Bachelor alums Jordan Rodgers and Sean Lowe, each living happily ever after with the women they fell in love with on television, are weighing in. And throwing shade.

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The Bachelor‘s finale was a wild ride last night, with viewers pulled along a roller coaster of emotions.

Probably the most commonly expressed reactions on Twitter were shock, horror, and disgust. All directed at Arie Luyendyk Jr. Some directed at ABC.

But former stars who found love on camera and kept their relationships intact are speaking out.

During the broadcast, Jordan Rodgers tweeted: “WOW!!! The drama is UNBEARABLE!! … San Antonio’s is only up 1 over Memphis with 9 min to go in the 3rd Quarter.”

As fake-outs go, that one is fine.

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Rodgers later commented on how he found love with JoJo Fletcher and won Season 12 of The Bachelorette.

“I mean….some llamas and a cool breeze would’ve been nice, but 120 degrees and some smelly armpits was our story. Wouldn’t change a thing! (Except some stronger antiperspirant) #babe”

JoJo faced a tough choice, but she chose Jordan and it looks like things have worked out just fine for them. They may not be married yet, but they’re happily cohabitating in Texas.

Any Bachelor finale is a time to reflect on how he found love on television, but he has to be thanking his lucky stars that he and JoJo haven’t ended things at all — and especially that they haven’t ended things like Arie did with Becca Kufrin.

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are a shining example that yes, you really can find lasting love on camera.

These two have been married for three years and have a young son together.

Sean took to Instagram to reflect on the season … and to promote ethically sourced diamonds.

“Well, Arie’s crazy season has come to an end (kinda) and the finale of course reminded me of my time on The Bachelor when I proposed to Catherine in Thailand.”

And they’ve been together ever since.

“That moment on bended knee, placing the diamond ring on her finger was one of the very best moments of my life.”

Here comes the plug that had him tagging his own post with “#ad.”

“Catherine would have married me regardless of what kind of ring I gave her, but knowing she has an ethically sourced real diamond that she can pass down to our future daughter is pretty special.”

Honestly, you can’t blame the guy for seizing the opportunity to make a little Instagram cash.

Catherine got in on the action, too.

She wrote:

“They said our love wasn’t real. They said we couldn’t make it, and over 4 years (and almost 2 babies!) later, here we are.”

Her post was also an “#ad” … and a Throwback Tuesday.

“Throwing this Tuesday back to that magical moment, and this beautiful ethically-sourced diamond engagement ring.”

Arie with Becca

Arie picked Becca Kufrin. The season and contest and love story were supposed to be over.

Instead, after a few weeks, Becca endured the worst Bachelor heartbreak when Arie changed his mind.

Arie called ABC and had their cameras come witness him as he ended his relationship with Becca and went running back to the runner-up, Lauren Burnham.

Amazingly, Lauren — who was noted for being fairly quiet all season — took him back.

Becca, in the mean time, was left devastated.

Lauren and Arie

It almost defies belief, but it appears that Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are still together.

That said, some wonder if Arie will have yet another change of heart in a few weeks or if Lauren was the one he should have chosen at the finale.

However, some wonder if Arie is any more committed to Lauren than he was to Becca.

Bekah Martinez, one of the Bachelor Nation’s favorite contestants this year and notably the youngest, exposed Arie’s DMs to the world.

Was he just reaching out to his ex … or was he fishing to see if she was still interested? If so, how many other women has he messaged?