Amy Duggar: Nude on Twitter!

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We don't think Jim Bob will approve of this!

The Duggar family's resident rebel, Amy Duggar, had a bit of an embarrassing selfie fail this morning, and we think it's safe to say the pic she posted doesn't conform to her famous uncle's ideas about "modest attire."

Amy Duggar on Marriage Boot Camp

The photo, which was promptly deleted from Twitter just minutes after it appeared, showed Amy sitting in her bathtub without any clothes on.

(Which is how most people take baths, but you never know with those Duggars.)

It seems Amy's intention was to only show herself from the legs down, but she didn't realize she'd fallen victim to an unfortunate reflection:

“I took a pic of me relaxing in the tub just knees down… but I forgot the faucet is reflective and omg… now I'm horrified and deleted it so quickly but still!” Amy tweeted.

She added the hashtags: “#neveragain #nobubbles #ahhhhhh.”

Amy Duggar Instagram Image

Fortunately, it seems Amy was able to see the humor in the situation, and her followers mostly 

“Laughing and cringing at the same time!” one follower tweeted.

“Omg horrifying but so funny," another remarked.

Of course, Amy is still a Duggar so you know at least one follower had to adopt a position of moral superiority, but thankfully, Amy wasn't the target of her harsh judgment:

“I didn’t notice anything. If someone looked that closely at your photo, they are the true definition of a sicko,” wrote the angry fan.

Amy King Pic

Amy has shown more skin than her aunt and uncle approve of several times in the past, but while she's a rebel to her family, she's downright demure by the standards of the rest of the world.

So we're inclined to believe her when she says this was a genuine mistake.

Of course, she may still be subjected to some harsh words from her famous family, but we're sure she's used to it by now.

After all, Amy has butted heads with Jim Bob and his ilk on several occasions, and they've always seemed to find her a formidable opponent.

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