Khloe Kardashian: Check Out MY Baby Bump!

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Khloe Kardashian has sent a pretty clear message to Kylie Jenner.

And it goes something like this:

Move over, sis! Your time in the spotlight is up!

Khloe at 29 Weeks

Indeed, the entire Internet is aflutter with talk of Kylie after the 20-year old gave birth to a daughter on February 1 and then announced her name on Tuesday afternoon.

Stormi. Her daughter's name is Stormi Webster.

But that's in the past.

The birth has taken place, Kylie (or a nanny) is now up all night with the precious bundle of joy and Khloe is ready for the world to move on...

... to HER impending precious bundle of joy!

Lest anyone forget, Kardashian is also pregnant.

This actually has been easy to overlook because sister Kim welcomed a third child via surrogate a few weeks ago (say hello to Chicago West!), while Kylie just welcome her very first.

Last, but certainly not least in this shocking run of Kardashians and kids, Khloe is expecting either a boy or a girl with serious boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Dueling Bumps

And she'd like to remind everyone of this fact.

"Baby mama KoKo! 29 Weeks and counting," Khloe wrote as a caption to the first photo shared above last night.

In the image, the mother-to-be is very made up and looking quite intense.

She has full lips and a face full of mascara and her hand is cradling her baby bump.

"Glam: @styledbyhrush Hair: @andrewfitzsimons Hair Color: @traceycunningham1," Khloe added in her caption, giving props to ber beauty team.

Unlike her half-sibling, Khloe has not kept quiet about this pregnancy... nor has it even prevented her from taking off some clothes online.

To wit, the photo she shared right before this baby bump image:

Khloe Kardashian in a Bra

"The first trimester is the worst," Kardashian told Ellen DeGeneres on a recent visit to her talk show, opening up and adding:

"And no one knows you're pregnant yet, and you feel the most uncomfortable."

She continued at the time, gushing over Thompson:

"He's so great, just during the pregnancy, I think he makes me more excited, too."

As for what gender child Kardashian will give birth to this spring?

She is yet to say. However...

Khloe Kardashian at 6 Months

Khloe posted some photos on Snapchat this week from her baby shower, which was adorned with pink decorations.

Yes, PINK.

This would imply that Khloe is set to be the third straight member of her family to welcome a baby girl in a matter of months.

Back in late December, Kardashian excitedly announced she was expecting via a close-up of her baby bump and a caption that partly read:

My greatest dream realized! We are having a baby!

I had been waiting and wondering but God had a plan all along. He knew what He was doing.

I simply had to trust in Him and be patient. I still at times can't believe that our love created life!

We know how badly Khloe has wanted to become a mother and we know what kind of struggle it has been for her.

We therefore could not be happier for an E! reality star. Congrats, Keeks and Tristan!

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