Kate Gosselin: Under Fire for Dog-Daughter Kissing Photo (Yes, For Real!)

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With apologies to Donald Trump and Jenelle Evans, Kate Gosselin may be the most hated person in America.

We aren't exactly fans of the reality star and multiple-time mother, but the grief Gosselin often faces online has built to such an extreme that we almost feel badly for her.

Almost, we said.

Kate Gosselin and Mak

Let's not get carried away here.

Over the past few months, Gosselin has shared a number of photos online that has resulted in her getting dragged left and right on social media.

There was the time she posted a throwback picture of her twins in celebration of their birthday, for instance, only for haters to label Mady and Cara as "mean" and "entitled."

There was also the time she shared a seemingly innocent picture of her kids on Halloween, only for haters to wonder about the absence of Collin.

(Neither Kate nor ex-husband Jon have provided any detail on the location or status of 13-year old Collin, who is enrolled in a program away from home for behavioral issues.)

However, this latest Kate Gosselin-related scandal may be the most ridiculous of all-time.

It starts and ends with this image:

Dog Kiss!

Wrote Gosselin as a caption to this snapshot of her German Shepherd kissing her daughter, Alexis:

"The love between my human children and my furry children continues to melt my heart on a daily basis!

"Mak just can't love us enough - and we feel the same about him! We adore him!"

Any regular clicker on Gosselin's Instagram page can vouch for this statement, as nearly every other photo is of a canine.

But that isn't really the point at the moment.

The point, according to Internet users who just really want to be outraged over something, is that Gosselin is a bad mother because she let her kid get kissed on the mouth by a dog.

Kate Gosselin and a Dog

Just consider these actual comments left in response to the picture in question:

I love animals, but even doctors say don’t kiss them or let them lick you in the mouth. They put their noses and mouths everywhere we don’t want to know. Just saying.

For someone who was such a germaphobe, I’m surprised you allow your dogs to lick your kids mouths.

I love my fur babies but I also don’t kiss them on the mouth.... seriously. They lick their own butt....eeek.

It's definitely clear at this point that Kate can't win when it comes to trolls such as these.

Some people just can't get over the way she treated her former husband or her kids on either of her reality shows.

A Big Dog

And we get it.

Some of the stories surrounding Gosselin make her sound anything but stable.

But you've gotta pick your battles, people.

If you criticize absolutely everything she does, you'll be left with nothing to say when Gosselin truly deserves your ire.

Sometimes it's best to ignore, move on... and then really go on the offensive when Gosselin inevitably earns some Internet scorn.

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