Kate Gosselin-Jon Gosselin Fight Sent Daughter to Hospital: New Details

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We have new, UGLY details on the verbal altercation that took place on August 15 between Jon and Kate Gosselin.

As previously reported, the ex-spouses argued so loudly and so forcefully last week that police were called to the scene of their dispute.

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No arrests were made, but the heated discussion reportedly centered on who would drive their daughter home from the orthodontist.

Yes, something seemingly that simple resulted in an endless shouting match.

According to In Touch Weekly, the daughter stuck in the middle of this disagreement was 13-year old Hannah.

The young teenager was sitting in her father’s car in a parking lot off a Pennsylvania highway when her mother insisted on taking her home.

The tabloid cites sources and witnesses who say Hannah “screamed, sobbed, and violently resisted” while Kate Gosselin grabbed a hold of her arm and tried to force her out of the vehicle.

“No! Stop, please stop! Let go of me, Mommy!” Hannah allegedly yelled at one point.

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As this was taking place, Jon was actively encouraging his child to resist her mom.

“Hold on. Hold on. If you don’t want to go, don’t go," the magazine claims Jon said to Hannah. "I can’t help you. Hold on. Hold on."

(It's perhaps worth noting at this juncture how effed up these details are, if true.

First, of course, that Kate would manhandle her daughter... but also that Jon would egg the incident on, not try to play peacemaker for the sake of his kid.)

The showdown lasted three hours, an insider says, adding that Hannah said her arm was injured in the back-and-forth and an ambulance was therefore called to the scene.

Then, at the hospital, “Kate told the police she thought Jon was a danger and Hannah needed to be protected," the tabloid writes, adding:

"So the police removed Jon while Hannah was being treated."

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We should emphasize that we cannot corroborate this account.

We are simply relaying the In Touch report.

On August 11, the Gosselins attended an emergency hearing with a judge after Hannah "refused to go back to Kate’s house,” a source tells the publication, explaining:

“The judge granted Jon equal custody of Hannah until he and Kate go to trial.”

Jon and Kate, of course, rose to fame as co-stars on a TLC series that documented their lives as parents of eight kids.

They split in 2007 after a decade of marriage.

Since then, it's become clear that major tension still exists between the former husband and wife, the latter of whom remains a reality TV personality.

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Jon Gosselin, meanwhile, is mostly just a private citizen, staying out of the spotlight and trying to earn some money.

As of June of last year, Jon said his custody agreement allows him to see only four of their children at once, during weekly dinners and overnights every other weekend.

His lawyer tells E! News that Jon is now hoping to change the terms.

"The ability to co-parent is desirous in all custody matters, unfortunately in this case, it remains a theory, not a reality," says the attorney.

She cites a "Gag Order" to explain why she cannot reveal much else, but does add of her client and Kate Gosselin:

"It should be known Jon has been aggressively and relentlessly fighting for his kids.

"Jon is frustrated by recent events but will not be derailed in his efforts to do what is right."

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