Jessa Duggar Claps Back at Fan Who Shamed Her For "Training" Kids

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Jessa Duggar has had enough!

The mother of two is criticized for just about everything these days from her "messy" home to the way she homeschools her kids.

Seewald Family

And it seems she's finally decided to give the Internet's most vocal mom-shamers a piece of her mind.

The latest snide remark was seemingly provoked by nothing.

On a photo of Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, a follower commented, "Training is for dogs, not humans."

The remark references the Duggars use of the word "training" when discussing child-rearing.

Jessa and her sisters are often criticized for advocate such practices as "blanket training," in which a child is told to remain seated on a blanket and struck with an object if he fails to do so.

Seewald, Jessa and Ben

At times, Jessa has graciously acknowledged that some of her family's practices can seem extreme to outsiders.

This time, however, she was having none of it:

"We train for occupations, we train for jobs, we hire personal trainers for fitness," she responded.

"And we train/teach our kiddos for right behavior in the hopes that they will grow up to be caring, thoughtful and responsible adults."

Damn, you got served. 

Jessa Duggar on TLC

"But I agree - dogs are not humans. Thank you for making that distinction," Jessa added, with a seeming air of sarcasm.

Like we said, the 25-year-old mother of two clearly didn't feel like turning the other cheek this time.

And naturally, her fans responded as though they'd just witnessed the climactic rap battle in 8 Mile:

"Mic drop... nice reply Jessa," commented one follower.

"You seem like an amazing mother! Keep doing what you're doing!" remarked another.

Offered a third supporter:

"I love that you comment on negative comments and defend yourself you are a great mom. Dont ever let ANYONE. tell you different."

Maybe next time, snarky Instagram users who feel the need to point out that a reality star's diaper pail is full will think twice.

No one wants to incur the wrath of the usually calm and collected but occasionally fiery Jessa Duggar-Seewald.

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