Chicago West: This is My First Real Photo!

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At last, Chicago West is here.

Really, legitimately, 100% clearly here.

Picture style!

Kim Kardashian West Snapshot

In mid-January, reality star and professional celebrity Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their third child via surrogacy.

Due to health problems that complicated her first two pregnancies, Kim was advised by doctors not to even try to give birth to another.

As a result, she and her husband hired a woman to carry their child to term, which she did with flying colors.

We didn't get a look at the baby girl they named Chicago (for real; they named the baby girl Chicago) until a surprising reveal by Kylie Jenner.

Kim's younger sister released a video of her pregnancy journey shortly after she became the mother of Stormi Webster.

Mixed in with many scenes and snapshots of her and her family, Kylie included two glimpses at Chicago West.

You can click on the above link to view the images of North and Saint's precious baby sister for yourself.

Now, however, Kardashian herself has presented the world with its very first, official straight-on and straight-up precious picture of Chi ...

(Yes, despite her unusual name of Chicago, Kanye's home city, the baby will go by the nickname Chi, pronounced "Shy." Kind of cool.)

... and here she is!

Chicago West Picture

In the adorable image, the 37-year old mom is donning a white robe as she cradles her daughter, who is also dressed in white.

They're each rocking teddy bear ears and noses, thanks to a filter on Snapchat, which is still in business despite Kylie tiring of it.

“Baby Chicago,” Kim simply captioned the photograph.

That does say it all, doesn't it? Sometimes less is more, especially when a photo as adorable as this one does all the talking.

To Kim and Kanye's credit (kredit?), neither superstar has said much about little Chicago since she came into their world.

Kim Kardashian: A Picture

For all the criticism you can justifiably hurl their way, you can't really say the couple ever flaunt its kids in public or exploits them in any way.

Just think: how much have you really seen of North and Saint over the years? We know ... very little considering their level of fame.

The only problem for Kimye with this admirable strategy of keeping their offspring out of the spotlight and away from the press?

This same press is going to speculate more and more often, and try to generate its own headlines for the sake of clicks.

It's a shame that's how the world works, but that is how a lot of the world works, and no one knows this better than Kim.

Kim Kardashian on Beach

For example: there's already been talk that Kim is neglecting Chicago as she focuses on her own life and image these days.

And also talk that Kim doesn't ever want Chicago to know that she was born via surrogate (good luck keeping that on the DL).

Over the weekend, meanwhile, the former sex tape star offered an update on her daughter to a commenter on Twitter.

Kim revealed that Chicago is “the sweetest,” and added that “She looks a little bit like North and a tiny bit like Saint."

That said, she is “definitely her own person!"

Kim Kardashian in Calvin Klein, BTS

As for how Twitter is reacting to this amazing photo of Chicago? Let's just say everyone is pretty darn excited.

"She really looks like you," wrote one fan, while another agreed that mother and daughter have the "same ears."

Some woman named Susan was even more psyched, however, Tweeting:

"So beautiful. God bless her! This Halloween, all she needs is a HALO. Congratulations, and Saint: Mama needs one more to even the score!"

"Stay strong, L’il Man! Your sisters will be the best friends you ever have!"

kb reaction

Some others on social media dissed her, because people are terrible, but 90 percent of the reactions were that of pure elation.

Yup, Kristen Bell's face there sums it up.

So does the fact that Kim's photo has been Liked, as of this writing, several million times in just over three hours.

That's as insane as Chicago is adorable. See the gallery below for more of Chi ... and her cousin Stormi too.

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