Kim Kardashian: Is She Neglecting Daughter Chicago?!

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child.

And as you're likely also aware, Kim and her husband Kanye West were once again feeling geographical when they filled out their daughter's birth certificate, saddling the child with the ... um, unusual name of Chicago West.

Chicago West Photo

Obviously, that handle earned quite a few tabloid headlines, as it's not every day you meet a Chicago.

But odd baby names are a part of the Kardashian brand, and Kim's fans quickly got over the metropolitan moniker.

What they haven't been so quick to forget about, however, is Kim's behavior on social media in the weeks since little Chi entered the world.

As you may have noticed nude Kim Kardashian selfies have been making their way across social media with surprising frequency lately.

This has resulted in much of the usual mom-shaming from foolish trolls, but also a new kind of criticism.

Kim Kardashian Hourglass Figure

Fans have been pointing out that Kim didn't spend nearly this much time on Instagram and Twitter in the weeks after her first two children were born.

Granted, those were very different circumstances, as Kim's third child was delivered by a surrogate, so there was no physical recovery time.

But still, Kim just seems to have more free time than she did with her first two children,

“Kanye and Kim’s sisters think she is acting completely different with Chicago than she did with her past kids,” a source close to the famous family tells Radar Online.

“It is creating a lot of arguments for Kanye. He just doesn’t think that she’s into it.”

Kim Kardashian is Weirded Out

Yeah, unfortunately for Kim, parenting is one of those things that you don't have the option of being "not that into."

Having a kid isn't the new season of The Bachelor, ya know?

To make matters worse, it seems Kim has her heart set on welcoming a fourth child via surrogacy, a prospect that has Kanye concerned.

"He is furious that she wants to use a surrogate for another because she doesn’t even seem to recognize the fact that she just had a baby,” the insider says.

“She is acting like she did before she had kids.”

Kim Kardashian in This Outfit

And apparently, Kanye isn't alone in his belief that Kim is being negligent in her duties.

“It is really starting to put everyone in her family off," says the source.

The insider adds that several members of the Kard clan believe Kim's "selfie and body obsession" has gotten out of control and is now interfering with her ability to be a good mom.

Well, Yeezy doesn't really have the right to complain about that one.

Acting surprised that Kim is obsessed with her body is like acting surprised that Kanye is a little unstable.

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