Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Silence on Kylie Jenner's Baby

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As the world learned this weekend, Kylie Jenner welcomed her baby girl into the world!

It's wonderful news for her fans, because she finally broke the silence and confirmed what was going on -- and shared a lot of secret video of her pregnancy journey.

It's also great news for her family ... right? Now that it's out in the open, how is Caitlyn responding to her daughter getting pregnant as a teenager?

Caitlyn Jenner in Shades

In an Instagram post, Caitlyn writes:

"My daughter just had a daughter."

A statement that's simple and true ... but you can feel how profound of a statement that is to her.

"It’s amazing to be by your side through this journey."

Remember, though Caitlyn totally wrote off the Kardashians, she's still close with her biological daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

"She’s SO beautiful already. Can’t wait to watch her grow."

And then Caitlyn includes a special treat.

"Throwback to my baby, as a baby."

Kylie Jenner Throwback Baby Picture

Yes! That is Kylie Jenner when she was just a wee baby and not yet a mother, or makeup mogul, or social media powerhouse.

Is it as exciting as a full photo of Kylie's baby daughter's face?

Well ... probably not. No offense to Kylie.

(We're sure that new mother Kylie would not be offended by the suggestion that people want to see her baby's cute little face)

But it's a precious throwback nonetheless, and it was very thoughtful and tasteful of Caitlyn to include it.

Kylie Jenner, Baby Bump on Display

Kylie's fans are beyond delighted that Kylie's returned to the world of social media.

Most are relieved that she didn't take a break from taking photos of herself, and was able to give her fans a tour -- albeit a delayed one -- of her pregnancy journey.

That means plenty of pregnancy photos for fans to rave over. It also meant the world's first glimpse of Kim's daughter, Chicago West.

Kylie's daughter was born on February 1st, and weighted 8 pounds and 9 ounces.

It's no surprise (or is it?) that Caitlyn is overjoyed at the birth of her healthy grandbaby.

The Bump

It wasn't always certain that Caitlyn was going to be thrilled at the idea of her daughter's teen pregnancy.

Initially, reports claimed that Caitlyn felt that Kylie is too young to become a mother.

A lot of people felt that way, whether it was concerns over Kylie's lack of maturity and experience (for one thing, Kylie's the youngest sibling, so it's not like she was a secondary caregiver growing up) or concerns that Kylie would be miserable.

However, then came news about a bit of a change of heart -- that Caitlyn was going to support her daughter's decision to become a mother nearly a year before she's even old enough to drink.

Neither of those were, you know, official direct statements.

But considering the way that Caitlyn seemed to slam Kylie and Kendall in a recent interview, it wasn't hard to believe that Cait found Kylie's pregnancy a tough pill to swallow.

Caitlyn with Kylie

Caitlyn and Kylie have always been close. Kylie keeps in touch with Cait on Father's Day -- or, at least, she always has in the past.

(With Travis Scott as Kylie's very own baby daddy, we wonder if he'll start to take precedence)

The world doesn't yet know the name of Kylie Jenner's baby, but we can assume that Caitlyn does.

Let's hope that it's not as super weird as some fans suspect that it will be. Kylie's kid deserves a chance at not being a laughing stock.

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