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When it rains, it pours. And Blac Chyna is finding that out the hard way.

Absolutely no one, Chyna included, deserves to have their nudes or sex tapes shared online or broadcast in any way without their consent. There is no excuse for doing so.

But Blac Chyna points to the latest alleged sex tape and says that it’s not her.

Blac Chyna Hair Photo
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Earlier this week, Twitter exploded after a sex tape appeared to show Blac Chyna, topless, performing oral sex on an unidentified-at-the-time man.

The man was unidentified because viewers, many of whom innocently clicked on her name when they saw that it was trending only to be subjected with a sight that they could never unsee, saw only his penis.

Leaked sex tapes deserve our outrage — because they’re a violation of privacy and often come as personal attacks.

Twitter’s focus, however, seemed to be on what viewers perceived to be Blac Chyna’s woefully inadequate oral skills.

Many expressed surprise that a woman of Blac Chyna’s reputation seemed to be inept at sex. As funny as their commentary was, many were disturbed at the lack of outrage that someone leaked the video.

Blac Chyna is Flowery
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Blac Chyna fought back against the slut-shaming and revenge porn, however, through two attorneys.

One spoke out about the dangers of leaked videos like these — that it’s often a form of domestic abuse, as a final act of revenge by a jilted lover who wants to ruin his ex’s life.

You know, like we all saw with Rob Kardashian’s alleged revenge porn attack against Chyna in July of 2017.

Another attorney mentioned that this is of course a criminal matter.

The unidentified human who came attached to the penis featured in the video was identified as a rapper named Mechie, who enjoyed a fling with Chyna last year.

And Mechie is not happy about the video’s release. And as far as suspects go, he says that he never even had a copy, so he couldn’t have released it even if he’d wanted to.

Blac Chyna in a Red Wig and Little Else
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But that infamous video, terrible that it was, is not the one that Blac Chyna says wasn’t her.

That oral video with Mechie lasted for one minute and twenty-three seconds.

Another video leaked, and this one was thirteen minutes long.

TMZ reports that this new "Blac Chyna" video features a woman of Chyna’s skin tone, body type, and hairstyle. Like Chyna, she also has tattoos.

She is, of course, engaged in sexual intercourse in the video, with an unnamed black man.

Blac Chyna Acts All Sweet
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Since the video first surfaced, some people have uploaded it to multiple porn sites, claiming that it’s Chyna.

But TMZ also reports that sources close to Chyna — and we’re inclined to believe that TMZ is reasonably confident in their sources — say that it’s not Blac Chyna in the video.

Oh, they definitely admit that she looks the part, but they don’t think that it’s her.

TMZ notes that Chyna’s team has sent 20 or so cease and desist letters at porn sites that are claiming that the video is of Chyna.

It sounds like Chyna’s concerned about her name being attached to these. Which would be a different warning than they’d be giving out if it were actually a video of a Chyna.

Blac Chyna is On Instagram
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Blac Chyna did not leak her oral sex tape — and it sounds like she means to sue whoever did.

This new video sounds like a ploy by someone who wanted to capitalize — somehow — on Blac Chyna’s oral sex tape with a follow-up sex tape of their own.

Since it’s allegedly not real, this sounds like someone who just wants to embarrass Chyna, rack of views, or both.

If someone has a problem with Blac Chyna, it’s fine to express that. But revenge porn is never an acceptable weapon, folks. Feuds can be waged on Twitter, not PornHub.