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You might recognize actress Arielle Kebbel from any number of roles, from playing Lexi on The Vampire Diaries to her appearance in the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed.

Arielle’s sister, Julie Kebbel, is missing in L.A. and she is begging fans and followers to help locate her.

Over the weekend, Kim Cattrall’s missing brother was found dead at 55. Let us hope that Arielle’s sister is found alive and safe.

Arielle Kebbel with Julia Kebbel
Photo via Instagram

Arielle Kebbel took to Instagram to post:

"ALERT! My SiSTER Julia Kebbel is MISSING. Her Instagram and Twitter is @jkebbz pls go there to see more pictures of her."

(We have included multiple reference photos of Julia in this post)

"If you have seen her or know anything about her, pls DM me, contact the police, or pls call Dennis at 407-739-8991 . Pls RT share this info with everyone."

The post has been spread and circulated by fans.

Julia Kebbel
Photo via Instagram

In a lengthier, more informative post, Arielle writes:

"My SiSTER JULIA KEBBEL is MISSING. Pls REPOST. She was last seen in silver lake, walking her chocolate lab, Cindy, at 11 pm wed night. 1/31/18."

Silver Lake is an Eastside neighborhood in L.A. This information is followed by a physical description.

"She is 5’3 . Weighs about 105 pounds. Fair skin. Bleach blonde short hair. She has tattoos on both [forearms]."

We’re talking about a very tiny woman, folks. We hope that nothing awful has happened to her.

Arielle goes into further detail about her sister’s tattoos.

"She has a spiritual symbol w/ a key and the words promise on one fore arm and a blue Phoenix rising on the other."

Here is a photo:

Julia Kebbel Tattoos

Those tattoos are beautiful and unique and should be fairly easy to recognize.

"Pls scroll through pictures to see details. Her chocolate lab is named Cindy Crawford. She is chipped. If anyone finds the dog or has seen her, pls let us know."

If someone found a dog wandering around without her human, they might take her to a vet to see if she can be identified and reunited. That could provide clues as to Julia’s location.

(Though of course we all hope that Julie and Cindy are both together and safe)

"Julia’s Instagram and Twitter is @jkebbz pls go there to see more pictures of her. If you have seen her or know anything about her, pls DM me and call 911."

This is the missing poster:

Julia Kebbel Missing Poster

In a statement that Entertainment Tonight obtained, Arielle Kebbel pleads for help finding her sister.

"My family and I are asking for any and all information that may help in our search for my sister, Julia."

It’s good that she’s using her platform to share this message.

"We are so grateful and touched by the incredible support we have received from everyone."

Other actors have also echoed her posts.

"We are hopeful that she is safe and will not stop looking until she is back home with us."

Julia Kebbel Image
Photo via Instagram

The fact that Arielle is describing the tattoos could mean that she’s hoping that someone noticed such unique tattoos and remembers seeing a woman matching that description.

It could also mean that she fears that her sister may be unable to respond to her own name and might need to be identified using only visual cues.

That is a horrifying thing to contemplate.

Like Arielle, we hope that Julia is found safe and healthy with her dog, Cindy.