The Bachelor Recap: Krystal Unclear

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Four weeks in, Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s journey on ABC's The Bachelor is in full swing ... and building toward a crazy conclusion.

If you haven't read the latest Bachelor spoilers, you're not going to believe what happens on the finale ... and its aftermath.

The Bachelor: Krystal

We'll just leave that right there, but even if you don't believe what The Bachelor spoilers say, the stakes are getting higher.

This week, on the fifth installment of the young season, Arie's 12 remaining ladies kept going all out in their quest for roses.

On a group bowling date in Fort Lauderdale, the women split up into two teams, cleverly titled Spare Roses vs. the Pin-Ups.

Arie also licked his ball, which was kinda strange.

The stakes were high, with a private after-party with Arie on the line for the winning team only, and the Spare Roses prevailed.

Arie The Bachelor

Arie felt bad, though, about bringing the women on a group date to Florida and excluding half of them from the private party.

So he did the right thing and invited the losing team too ... only Krystal got f--king furious that he WENT BACK ON HIS WORD.

She packed her bags and refused to attend the party, chilling in her robe in the hotel and throwing a private pity party instead.

Arie went up to convince her otherwise, but after speaking with her, ultimately told her she should stay put and not come down.

This is really setting the couple back!


Krystal did show up later, but rather than letting it go, decided to confront the women about their "behavior" on this journey.

Young Bekah M. turned the tables on her, calling her a liar for going back on HER word after showing up at the party after all.

She has a point, you gotta admit.

Amazingly, she defended this to Arie by saying that the date was especially emotional for her, growing up in a bowling alley.

You can't make this stuff up. Earlier, Chelsea recevied a one-on-one date and made a surprising admission in that setting.

The Bachelor: Chelsea from Maine

The single mom from Maine opened up about the father of her son, but that didn't deter Arie, who loves single moms and kids.

She got the rose, as did Tia after her one-on-one date in the Everglades, which seemed right up the Arkansas native's alley.

It was not unlike her friend Raven Gates' back country hometown date a year ago, which was probably not a coincidence.

At the end, Tia told Arie she was falling in love with him. Bold move, but he seemed into it, so you might as well go for broke,

At the rose ceremony, Arie unsurprisingly sent Maquel, Ashley and Marikh home, leaving just nine women in the competition.

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