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Now that Tarek El Moussa has finalized his divorce from Christina, he’s offering some self-help advice to fans.

But he’s also found a new woman. We don’t mean that he’s still hooking up left and right.

Tarek is, reportedly, in love.

Patience Silva

InTouch Weekly reports that Tarek El Moussa is dating lingerie model Patience Silva.

"They met toward the end of last year on the celebrity dating app Raya."

Ah, yes. Raya. The infamous dating app only used by celebrities and people in their circles.

Basically so that famous people can date online without worrying about superfans or stalkers more than they already do.

But Tarek and Patience apparently aren’t just dating, according to InTouch‘s source.

"Tarek’s in love with Patience."

Patience Silva Photo

You might say that, having seen a couple of photos of Patience, you’re a little in love with her, too. But there’s apparently more to this.

The insider describes Patience as:

"Patience is spiritual, warm, and caring."

The report continues:

"She’s the perfect match for Tarek, who has been to hell and back since his split from Christina."

We’ve heard all about the lowest points in Tarek El Moussa’s life, so it’s good that he’s not only found some stability but also a woman with whom he’s happy.

Patience Silva Picture

But why, since Tarek El Moussa has been pouring his heart out on social media lately, has he not mentioned her?

The source suggests a simple explanation.

"Patience is a private person."

Don’t laugh. Just because somebody models lingerie doesn’t mean that she wants to advertise her dating life to the world, or be catapulted to new levels of fame.

And apparently Tarek is being very sensitive with respect to Patience’s wishes.

"He doesn’t want to jinx this."

That’s good. Though it does lead us to wonder who might have leaked this.

Patience Silva Image

In July of 2017, Patience Silva shared a post:

"The problem with red flags is I’m attracted to them."

This sounds like a dating problem that a bull would joke about having (note: bulls are not actually attracted to or enraged by red flags, but that’s a whole other discussion).

Does having an incident with your wife that involved a gun and resulted in separation qualify as a "red flag" in Patience’s book?

Not asking for ourselves, but for Tarek El Moussa.

Patience Silva Pic

Now, we know that some people might balk at the name Patience. It admittedly does sound like the name of a frontierswoman or a ghost or a frontierswoman’s ghost.

But folks, that’s her name. It’s rare and its hers and we don’t need to give her a hard time.

Similarly, even though so many people fell in love with Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa as a couple, we shouldn’t give Patience a hard time for dating Tarek.

She didn’t break them up. They broke themselves up, nearly a year and a half ago. And that was probably for the best.

Besides, Christina El Moussa has her own dating life. It’s part of moving on.

If Tarek’s able to love again after all of the low moments of his life in recent years, good for him. And good for Patience for deciding that he was just the DILF for her.