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Rumors about Jenelle Evans’ life are almost as prevalent as the constant drama that defines her existence.

And yet again, the most frequent murmur these days is that Jenelle is pregnant with her fourth child.

Jenelle Evans: Pregnant Again?

Jenelle says she’s not, but she also has a history of lying about this sort of thing.

And at this point, if she’s not expecting, then she’s just trolling her fans.

Evans posted the above photo of herself and David Eason, and even though her stomach can’t be seen, her pose has fans talking.

The image appears to have been strategically cropped, and many of Jenelle’s Instagram followers believe she did so to hide her baby bump.

Some fans have gone beyond the speculation stage and skipped straight to spreading the word that Jenelle is expecting.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bump? Looks Like

“I can’t wait until you announce Baby D!” one follower wrote on the pic.

Interestingly, the comment was removed, and according to In Touch Weekly, it’s not the only such comment that’s been deleted.

It’s enough to lead some fans to the conclusion that Jenelle is the one quietly deleting remarks about her pregnancy.

Whatever the case, some of the more speculative comments have remained on Jenelle’s page.

"She looks like she has a little Prego pooch! Happy birthday Ensley!" wrote one fan.

"Deff pregnant her hand is blocking the rest of her stomach," commented another follower.

Jenelle on Instagram

"It’s her life she has the $$ to have another child, a beautiful home, etc. Congrats

No official word from the Teen Mom 2 star, but Jenelle lied about her last pregnancy for months before finally coming clean.

These days, she’s married to David Eason, so if she is expecting, she might not be quite as secretive about it.

Of course, she also has plenty of drama going on, and she may choose to wait until things calm down a bit before she makes any big announcements.

In addition to her two simultaneous custody battles, Jenelle is feuding with Eason’s sister, and the hostility between the two women seems to only grow by the day.

Just the latest in a long line of intense conflicts for the Carolina Hurricane.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the bizarre world of Mrs. Evans-Eason.