Jacob Roloff Turns 21, Buries Alleged Hatchet with Audrey

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Go ahead and raise a glass to Jacob Roloff, readers.

Just be sure to give the former Little People, Big World star a sip as well... because he's now old enough to drink alcohol.

Multiple Roloffs

Indeed, Jacob turned 21 years old yesterday.

This is a pretty special occasion for any young man, but it's perhaps extra special for Jacob because he really has come a long way over the last few years.

It wasn't that long ago, loyal TLC viewers may recall, that Jacob didn't just quit his family's popular reality show, but SLAMMED his loved ones along the way.

He called them fake and phony and said he wanted no part of them going forward. 

Jacob said all this just a year and a half ago.

As you can see above and below, however, Jacob has made amends with his parents and siblings.

He came together with them to celebrate his birthday this week, as father Matt was clearly moved by the unique gathering.

"Happy 21St bday Jacob," wrote the patriarch as a caption to the picture below, adding:

"I guess we get to go turn it all over to you tomorrow... are you ready. ?! It seems like you progress over the past 3 years has been incredible:))

"Amy and I are very proud of our baby J. And his amazing gf Izzy."

Together for Jacob

What many fans likely note about both pictures featured so far is the presence of Audrey Roloff.

There have been rumors floating around the Internet that Jacob and Audrey don't get along well, allegedly due to their contrasting views on religion. 

(Audrey is all about her faith; Jacob does not appear to be a believer.)

But everyone is all smiles in these images, with Audrey's husband (and Jacob's brother) even penning a personal message to Jacob.

"Happy 21st birthday, Brother," wrote Jeremy Roloff on Thursday via Instagram caption.

"I’m glad we live closer, it’s been great being able to hang out more. I think Ember likes it too. Cheers to books, games, and talks. Love you! See you in a few minutes."

jr wishes

In the time since Jacob left Little People, Big World, he has created various platforms with which to express himself.

He has his own blog and YouTube channel, for example.

In August last year, the reluctant reality star also wrote and published a book entitled “Verbing,” which is a compilation of essays about life and family.

A few months later, he announced that he’s working on his second memoir, “Out To See.”

More than anything, though, Jacob has been spending time with his two dogs and girlfriend, Izzy, traveling around the Pacific Northwest.

As a tribute to her boyfriend (or her fiance?!?), Izzy shared the following image yesterday and included with it the following caption:

Our first ever picture together at Crater Lake. On our cross country road trip. Our trip to Iceland. Happy 21st birthday to my very best friend, adventure buddy and partner in crime.

Jacob, I mean... look how far we've come and how many places we've seen together. You're such a dream, such a dream come true. There aren't enough hours in the day to tell you how much I love you.

Thank you for being you. Today we all celebrated you! And I will continue to every day for as long as I'm kickin'.

izzy pic

So there you have it.

Ignore the chatter and shoot down the haters.

Jacob and Audrey are apparently NOT at odds and the entire family is once again on the same page.

The only question that now remains is this:

When will TLC air new episodes of Little People, Big World?!?

We're hearing some time in March, but we'll confirm with viewers as soon as we know for certain.

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