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Sunday on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 10, the girls visited a gun range in the wake of Kendall’s stalker drama.

Meanwhile, Kris’ mom was getting used to living in a new condo, as the Momager grappled with the issues of aging – and close proximity.

Kendall Jenner on KUWTK Episode
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If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you’re watching events play out that took place awhile ago, like Kendall’s robbery.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 10 began with the supermodel admitting, “I literally once a week have a stalker.”

The 22-year-old told Khloe that these individuals “just like wait outside my house for me and my security guards won’t let me leave.”

This was March or April of this year. In October of 2016, she testified in court against another stalker, who was convicted for trespassing.

Kendall spoke about how horrible it was to get robbed, but not just because “every single piece of my jewelry was stolen.”

That can be replaced. The emotional scars don’t heal fast.

Khloe Kardashian Has Had It

Just ask Kim Kardashian about that after her Paris scare.

“Ever since Kim’s situation in Paris … it’s just a scary world,” Khloe said, asking Kendall, “Do you know what kind of gun you like?”

Oh yes. They’re taking protection into their own hands.

Khloe and Kendall talked to Kim about their interest in firearms, though Kim was rather turned off by the idea after her experience.

Kim said that even if she were packing heat at the time, “there was no way I would have gotten out of there. I’m not Lara Croft.”

As for her other concerns about weapons: “I wouldn’t want, like, sleepovers going on with the kids here knowing there’s a gun."

"I just personally don’t feel comfortable with that.”

Kim Kardashian is So Tan

Kim said that no matter how her siblings feel about their personal security, “I personally am not a fan of having guns in the home.”

She’s been actively involved with the charity Everytown for Gun Safety, so Kim’s position was certainly quite consistent with that.

Nevertheless, Kendall and Khloe went to the gun range to learn about safety tips and firing methods and try some of them out.

Was it what they expected? Not for Kendall.

“I’ve obviously been to a shooting range before but it’s literally scaring me so bad I’m hiding behind the wall,” she said later.

Khloe’s take: “I’m super happy that Kendall and I went to the gun range. I feel so educated. … I’m proud that I did that.”

Kendall Jenner Talks to E!

In the end, though, Khloe and Kendall came around to Kim’s view.

After they had a conference call with the Everytown group, they decided it was not worth it to possess any personal firearms.

“They said that they’re all for the second amendment,” she explained, however, “they also told us the risks for having a gun.”

A statistic about a woman being five times more likely to be killed if she has a gun in her home particularly resonated with her.

Echoing her older sister, Khole said, “mass shooting after mass shooting … I think the answer is to not add more guns into the world.”

“I would rather avoid all of this and leave our guns to our security."