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This just in:

It pays to throw wine glasses and hurl insults while reading from scripts prepared by Bravo writers.

It pays… and it pays big time.

Three Real Housewives

According to Radar Online, most cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta received hefty raises ahead of the ongoing 10th season.

The ladies were in a strong position to negotiate, considering they star on the highest-rated installment of this beloved franchise.

So… who now earns what?

Which polarizing personality received the biggest pay bump of all?

Let’s find out, shall we?

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An insider tells Radar that Cynthia Bailey was the lucky recipient of the most impressive raise, as she now earns $1.6 million per season, an increase of $400,000 from what she took home last year.

Elsewhere, Kandi Burruss is already the richest Housewife in Atlanta.

But she still managed to talk her way into a $200,000 raise; she’s making an even $2 million for Season 10.

Then there’s Kenya Moore, who actually risked her franchise future by getting married in secret over the summer.

There was talk that the move would get her fired (because Kenya did not permit network cameras to film the ceremony), but Radar writes Moore did receive a $100,000 raise to $1.5 million fo Season 10.

However, she was fined $25,000 for the wedding fiasco and was banned from a trip the show took to Spain.

What about Sheree Whitfield? Who has actually confessed to dating a prisoner that stole $5 million from his victims?

This report claims she is making $1 million for the new season, up from $800,000 for last season.

Kenya and Kandi

The youngest cast member, Porsha Williams, earns the last amount of money… but is still doing darn well for herself.

She went from $700,000 last year to $800,000 for Season 10, which ain’t too shabby when her job basically just calls for fights with Kim Zolciak.

Finally, we arrive at NeNe Leakes.

The long-time cast member left the franchise for awhile and found some success in the acting realm.

But can you really blame her for returning, considering Radar reports she’s pulling in $2.5 million for just these handful of Season 10 episodes?!?

NeNe Leakes on Season 10

The Real Housewives of Atlanta came back with new installments in early November.

To date, the season has focused on Kenya’s surprise marriage, along with Porsha going on some dates and a whole lot of fighting.

But what else would you expect from these women, right?

And what else would you want from them?

As a certain late Gladiator might say, are you not entertained by NeNe and company every week?!?