Kenya Moore: FIRED From The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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Ever since Kenya Moore's secret, off-camera wedding that had producers fuming, we've heard that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is torn between her husband and her reality career

Though it seemed that the conflict might have been resolved behind the scenes, now it's looking more and more like Kenya Moore either quit the show ... or was fired. But was she?

The first sign that something was up was when Kenya was conspicuously absent from a RHOA group trip. ...

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

Kenya Moore's secret wedding to Marc Daly might sound romantic, but it came at a pretty hefty cost.

Not just because weddings can be absurdly expensive -- we're talking about a professional cost.

When you sign on to be a Real Housewife, or basically any kind of reality star (outside of competitions), you're basically signing on to let cameras capture your life.

So you can understand why producers weren't exactly over the moon that something as major as Kenya's wedding wasn't caught on camera.

The thing is that this wasn't a minor oversight on Kenya Moore's part.

Her new husband, Marc Daly, doesn't want to be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It's not that he's just camera-shy -- it's that he doesn't care for the show's portrayal of black men.

He's far from the first to criticize RHOA, or reality television in general, for worsening viewers' perceptions of black Americans.

Call it "reality" all that you like, but producers decide who shows up on camera and then they get to cherrypick what scenes and storylines make it onto the show.

Marc -- like others -- points out that white men on RHOA are often portrayed as desirable husbands, partners, and fathers, but that black men on the series are shown famously getting into physical fights.

We don't know that Marc Daly is personally afraid of being portrayed in a negative light, though that may be the case.

It's more likely, however, that he's simply reluctant to endorse a series (by appearing on it) that he believes is harmful. Just like how many people would turn down an appearance on InfoWars. Or on The Big Bang Theory.

Regardless, though, Kendra found herself caught between her career's demands and her husband's wishes.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly for "Bae Day"

Until recently, though, it had seemed like maybe things had mellowed out. Like she'd worked something out with producers.

But that was before a group of Atlanta's very own Real Housewives took their vacation to Barcelona.

According to TamaraTattles, other Real Housewives begged producers to exclude Kenya Moore from their trip and to allow Kim Zolciak to come along instead.

It's always hard to tell how much of a move like that is personal and how much of it could have just been them figuring the Kim might get some better ratings.

Regardless, it's not great for Kenya.

It looked like they were getting their wish until last week, when Kim Zolciak took to Instagram and shared that she was opting out.

"WAS packing to leave the country then had a choice AND I decided."

If we're being entirely honest, Kim's use of "choice" and "decided" seems so desperate that it kinda casts doubt on whether or not this was actually her call.

But what she chose to do instead ... that does sound like something that she'd pick.

"I’ll be headed out for #DontBeTardy press instead! Season 6 premieres October 6th 8pm on @Bravotv #WhenYourOWNShowCalls… #SomeNeedToJustGiveItUp #ArentYouTired #Season6 #IAlwaysHaveAChoice."

So ... where does that leave Kenya Moore?

Kenya Moore in White

Kenya didn't go to Barcelona.

New castmember Eva Marcille joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta costars in Barcelona, instead.

Which ... sounds like someone really didn't want Kenya Moore coming along.

So if Kenya is that untouchable or whatever, you'd figure that she's been fired. Especially after the issue with her husband.

Us Weekly reports that Kenya is still on the show ... just, you know, less than she used to be.

"Kenya has not quit the show, nor has she been fired."

It actually sounds like Marc Daly might be coming around, according to their source.

"Her husband is a former investment banker who has never sought the spotlight. However, he wants to support his new bride and her career ... apparently not fast enough."

Kenya Moore Selfie

It sounds like Kenya not traveling to Barcelona may have always had more to do with producers pressuring her to feature her husband on the show.

"Kenya was pulled from the cast trip last-minute and Bravo may be playing a bit of hardball to get Kenya's new husband on the show by limiting her on-air appearances."

Presumably with a pay cut to match.

"Kenya is a newlywed and has to respect her new husband's wishes to not be part of the show."

Sure ... but you have to wonder when he's going to get around to respecting her wishes to not have her career sabotaged.

"Kenya has been trying to have a baby and the stress has caused her unnecessary emotional distress."

It may sound like dramatic pseudo-science made up for soap operas, but stress is bad for conception, for pregnancies, and for pretty much every aspect of your health.

Still, for now, Kenya's part of the show. Let's just hope that Marc Daly joins her soon.

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