Audrey Roloff: THIS is the Perfect Christmas Gift!

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As you've likely heard before, not all superheroes wear capes.

Some, in fact, wear Christmas pajamas that match those of their husband.

Such is the case for Audrey Roloff, who just told Instagram followers that she knows exactly what they ought to buy for their significant other this holiday season.

Matching PJs

(And this item just happens to benefit her as well.)

As we inch closer to December 25, the Little People, Big World star has once again used her social media platform to wax poetic about her marriage...

... while simultaneously promoting her personal brand and company.

Asks Audrey to open her latest post:

Looking for a last minute Christmas idea for your husband or wife?!

The TLC personality then proceeds to outline just what you ought to purchase if you're in this predicament.


"Communicate. Communicate. Communicate."

"We all know that healthy and consistent communication truly is one of the best things for any relationship, especially marriage. But it can also be one of the most difficult things as well...."

This is sound advice, no doubt.

But it's a little hard to take seriously when Audrey is combining it with a capitalistic enterprise.

Roloff Smooch

"We created a marriage journal with weekly questions and devotionals, and a calendar to help husbands and wives connect, communicate, and grow in love," Roloff says of her and husband Jeremy, adding:

"The questions are super simple, and the devotionals are really short, but we are confident that using our Navigator’s Council journal week-to-week with your spouse will help you to communicate better and grow in love.

"The journal is 52 weeks long - now is the perfect time to grab one, and start the new year with healthier and more consistent communication."

Audrey has faced backlash in the past for seemingly writing beautiful words about love or romance... only to then encourage fans to click on a link for her business.

In this case, she concluded her pitch as follows:

"If your still not convinced... go read some of the inspiring reviews and testimonials on the journal - link to read reviews and grab a journal is in my bio."

Ember for Christmas

About a month ago, Audrey claimed she would post on social media less often because she owed it to God.

She hasn't really followed through on this vow, however.

It's seemed in the past that Roloff has exploited her faith in order to push her clothing line, which has led to some harsh criticism of the new mother.

Do you think this is justified?

Should Audrey stop offering up marital advice while pushing various products?

Or is she just trying to make a living and critics to calm the heck down?

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