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Ryan Edwards’ drug use was at the forefront of Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 4 Monday night, continuing a troubling recent storyline.

Maci Bookout wanted to make sure Bentley’s father was truly clean before any reunion took place, and she had reason to be skeptical.

Ryan Edwards Wedding Photo

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, or follow any of the drama on social media, you know that Edwards’ drug use has been a big factor.

Ryan, fresh off his 30-day rehab stay, began Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 4 speaking to a friend about his recovery process.

“It’s a little tough sometimes," Edwards confessed, both mentally and "just trying to get through the withdrawals and stuff.”

Meanwhile, Maci Bookout spoke to a friend about her issues with Ryan, and how she’s sending Edwards a letter via an attorney.

This letter, Bookout says, will spell out the stipulations needed for the oft-troubled Edwards to visit Bentley, the couple’s son.

Maci then read her text to Ryan aloud.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom O. G.

“I’ll need you to pass a drug screening, hair and urine, at my expense immediately prior to you taking [Bentley] for a visit,” she said.

Later she said that Ryan had not responded.

For their part, Ryan’s parents, Larry and Jen Edwards, said they were worried about him: "We knew there was something going on."

But, Larry said, echoing the experience of many who have confronted addicts, "anytime we confronted him, we’d get in an argument.”

The harder they pushed, the more they pushed him away. Regarding his son’s tension with Maci, Larry added that she’s not helping.

She may mean well, for Ryan and for her son, but “We’ve learned what some of the triggers are … You use Bentley? That’s a trigger.”

Ryan Edwards' Hair

Ryan later consulted with a lawyer about his custody arrangement, confessing that he had been in rehab for heroin addiction. Wow.

Maci, he claims "won’t even return my phone calls or text messages" … a far cry from the impression she appeared to have.

The lawyer agreed that given his history, Ryan would likely have to pass drug tests in order to get legal visitation with his kid.

Elsewhere, the end of Amber Portwood’s long, turbulent, controversial relationship with Matt Baier finally played out on screen.

She cut ties Baier for good following their trip to L.A. to film Marriage Boot Camp. She told a producer how that all went down:

“We went there to help our relationship … and it didn’t go well because he would lie. So I broke up with him one night.”

Matt and Amber on Teen Mom

Amber, of course, is now pregnant with her second child.

At this stage, there was no mention of Andrew Glennon specifically, but she seemed pretty happy to single at that moment in time.

“I can talk to anybody I want, and they can call me,” she said. “When you’re single people just come out of the f–kin’ woodwork.”

Given that Glennon met Portwood while she and Baier were filming Marriage Boot Camp, many fans have wondered … how.

Was there overlap? Was there major drama?

She’s always downplayed that possibility, and at least for the time being, it appears that she might have been telling the truth.