Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: More Truths Revealed!

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Was there hope that the Brown family could put all of their differences aside?

That was questioned on Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 10, which served as the second part of the tell-all special. 

As the episode got underway, it was all about Meri and Kody and their fractured relationship. The previous portion of the tell-all found the pair at odds as they recalled the catfishing scandal that almost tore the family apart. 

Meri felt that there was just so much going on in both of their lives that they needed a time out to cool things off.

She did, however, reveal that nothing Kody was doing was actually helping. 

Kody felt that he had been trying to get in touch with Meri, but she just did not want to talk to him and it hurt him. Meri claimed that it went both ways, and it seemed like the pair were stuck in a vicious cycle. 

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Meri even revealed that as much as she did not like to admit it, she wanted things to be okay between them. She understood that she needed him in her life. 

Meri wanted Kody to focus on what was good for her, instead of putting her to the back of his mind and making things right with the other women. 

Kody Brown on TLC

Some of the other wives were not impressed with the way Kody could potentially put Meri before them and it made them wonder how they would feel if that became the case. 

However, the others did speak up for Meri because they felt that she had been dealt a rough hand and definitely deserved another chance.

Kody eventually revealed that he should have tried better with Meri to make her feel included in the family. 

Kody and Meri

We then switched gears to Meri's relationship with Mariah. As you probably know if you watch Sister Wives online, Mariah recently confirmed her sexuality to her family. 

This was met with praise from everyone, but Meri, who felt Mariah should have turned to her in the first instance. That's sort of what Meri's like. 

Mariah was ecstatic about being herself, but she did say that she felt like Meri was hiding some information about the whole catfishing scandal. 

She felt that that's where the strain in their relationship emerged and that they really needed to take a step back and assess their relationship before trying to make things return to normal. 

Mariah Brown on Sister Wives

Mariah did feel offended by the way her mother acted when she came out the closet. That's sort of what happens when you cry and make everything about you, Meri. 

Meri revealed that she had a tough time because she never in a million years thought her daughter was gay and apologized for the way she acted. 

Mariah Brown

After that, Madison and Caleb announced the news that they were three months pregnant. That should be an interesting storyline for the rest of the season, but will Meri calm down?

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