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Guess who’s pregnant!

Kenya Moore’s marriage has been controversial for her career in more ways than one. And recently, it’s looked like Kenya and Marc Daly might be headed for divorce.

But the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is reportedly pregnant! That welcome blessing might solve at least one of her problems.

Kenya Moore in White
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Okay, so back in June (which feels like a few weeks ago but also like a decade ago, because 2017 is a nightmare that exists outside of normal time), we told you that Kenya Moore got married to Marc Daly.

This was a bigger deal than usual … because the wedding was secret.

Not just from the public, but from producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

There was a very real chance that Kenya Moore could get fired for her secret wedding, because when you sign on to do a reality series about your life, producers don’t expect you to not only hide your wedding, but the fact that you’re planning to get married at all.

To compound the problem, Marc Daly didn’t want to appear on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore
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We don’t just mean his wedding — he, himself, did not want to appear on it. He believes that the series does not portray black men in a positive manner (he’s definitely not alone in that) and wants to take no part in it.

And that’s a problem for Kenya, because it’s a problem for producers.

See, to be on a reality series, it takes a little more than feuding with Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann.

You need an actual storyline. And that means your husband being on camera.

Now, it’s turned out that Kenya’s found a storyline — Marc’s physical absence.

He spends a lot of time in New York for business, but that is a stressful factor in his newlywed life with Kenya.

It does, however, give Kenya something to talk about on camera.

But now she has something else that’s much more positive to discuss:

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly for
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Industry on Blast reports that Kenya Moore is pregnant.

Their report states that the 46-year-old and her husband are happy about the news, but that she’s waiting to announce it until she reaches a point at which she’s sure that her pregnancy can continue to term.

(Miscarriages early into a pregnancy aren’t uncommon, and no one wants to make the joyful announcement and then have to follow it up)

Reportedly, Kenya Moore received IVF treatments in Barbados over a period of a few weeks in order to conceive — many couples seek IVF, but particularly those who are concerned that age may be a factor.

Congratulations are in order for this RHOA couple!

And while a pregnancy can’t fix a marriage that’s on the rocks, it can solve Kenya’s other problem:

Kenya Moore Selfie
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If she’s pregnant, maybe Kenya Moore will no longer be pressured to prioritize her career over her husband.

(Or vice versa)

Because, honestly, who cares about somebody’s marriage when there’s an adorable baby on the way?

There’s pregnancy storylines, childbirth storylines, and then newborn baby storylines!

And remember how Kenya’s future on the series was uncertain?

We were just talking earlier today about how Meghan King Edmonds avoided getting fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County by getting pregnant.

(As it happens, she also used IVF)

So this is good news all-around. We wish Kenya Moore all of the best of luck with her pregnancy!