Kenya Moore: FIRED Over Secret Wedding?!

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We all know about wedding disasters, but really, wedding ceremonies are supposed to be very expensive but otherwise happy affairs. They're not supposed to get you fired.

But you know how we said that Kenya Moore's secret wedding might come back to bite her when it comes to The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Well, based on this new report, it looks like Kenya's time as a Real Housewife is done. All because of a private wedding.

Kenya Moore Selfie

So, Kenya Moore married Marc Daly, who was totally unknown.

This was a total shock to fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, because there wasn't even a whisper of this until it happened.

Her wedding ceremony was romantic and very private.

Unfortunately, since "private" extended to not allowing Bravo and its cameras ...

(And not even telling Bravo about it)

... it was definitely too private. 

Because when you have a major event in your life and you don't share it with the world, it defeats the purpose of being a reality star.

And it also means that the network that pays you misses out on what could have been some major ratings.

Kenya Moore Wedding Photo

So, RadarOnline reports that a network insider has revealed that Kenya Moore has been fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

"The network isn’t happy with the recent series of events involving her ‘wedding.'"

Well, we'd imagine not.

Whether or not that's fair for the network is another story.

"They feel that it put the authenticity of the series in jeopardy."

We hope that nobody takes any Real Housewives stuff too seriously.

Like, it's a reality show -- it's not gonna be super real.

But every reality series depends on having the illusion of reality.

The more manufactured that the drama is perceived to be by audiences, the fewer people will tune in.

Which is why Kenya's suggestion seems to be making things worse rather than better.

"She’s attempted to smooth things over by offering to have another ceremony next summer for the cameras, but that plan hasn’t been well received either."

Yeah, we can see why that wouldn't fly.

Kenya Moore in White

"Kenya has no other storyline in place for the season."

Kenya's costars, the insider claims, have begun filming without her.

On the one hand, it's absurd that she can't hold a private wedding ceremony with actual privacy without jeopardizing her job.

On the other hand, it's a little silly to think that a reality star who isn't in control of their own show would do something like that without consulting with the network first and working things out with producers.

Or, you know, at least thinking about how they've expected to broadcast their lives, major events included.

And maybe, you know, taking a careful look at their contracts?

Just a thought.

Kenya Moore Is Married

If this is the real deal -- if Kenya really can't come back to the show ever, then the network is probably overreacting.

Because this was a mistake.

No, she can't fix it by filming a fake, second ceremony.

(Now that the world knows that she got married already, anyway)

But still, it's one mistake.

At the same time, maybe they just didn't see a good storyline.

Maybe there are other factors that made them want to drop her, and we just don't know about them.

Or maybe that insider will be wrong and they'll keep her on.

The scandal of this secret wedding, plus speculation that Kenya Moore may have cheated, might be enough to keep her relevant, you know?

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