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Who would have thought having Kim Zolciak back would reinvigorate the series like never before?

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 5, the bitter feud between Zolciak and Kenya Moore reached dizzying heights, and it made the whole cast question what the heck was going on.

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 5 Online
Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 5 Online

We picked up right in the middle of the fight, with Kim reacting in anger at Kenya’s comment about what she said about pimping out Brielle. 

Luckily for Kenya, Kroy was on hand to drag her out of the party before any real damage was done. Wouldn’t it have been better to let the fight continue? 

Nene followed Kim outside to check how she was doing. 

“I believe that kids are off-limits,” NeNe said to the camera, but she did reveal that Kim brought all of the drama on herself because of what she said on Twitter about the tickets. 

Kim Zolciak, Big Ol' Mirror Selfie

Kim seemed to think that Kenya did not know much about her relationship with Chrissy Teigen. Yes, Kim likes to name drop, but who wouldn’t want to if it meant their argument had some weight?

Kim made her way to Porsha’s house to let her pal know what happened at the party. 

“You don’t mention someone’s children, period,” Porsha said. “You need to stay away from her.”

Aside from all of the fighting, Cynthia finally opened up about her new man to her daughter. 

The mother-daughter duo made some cupcakes and chatted about what was going on for each of them. 

Cynthia Bailey and Her Hair

Cynthia said that her relationship with Will was blossoming and they were going steady. This seemed to be music to Noelle’s ears, who wanted her mother to be happy with someone closer to her age. 

There was a tragedy for Kenya in the aftermath of her blowout with Kim. Kenya’s grandmother who was instrumental in her being the woman she is today passed away. 

Kenya was all alone because her husband was in his hometown of New York. Cynthia appeared to check in and reveal the deets about a girls’ trip. Kenya seemed unsure about it, but the producers likely forced her to go for some guaranteed drama. 

When the ladies met up to go on the trip, Sheree revealed that she wanted the trip to squash all of the crazy drama that transpired between the girls. 

When everyone was opening up to one another, Sheree dropped the bomb that she was in a relationship with a man who was incarcerated. 

“We’ve been talking on the phone,” Sheree said. “We started going out before he went in.”

Sheree Whitfield Talks

Kandi was happy about her opening up to them, but Nene did not believe that Sheree did not know why he was in prison and found it all a bit too much.

Things took an exciting turn when it emerged that Nene invited Marlo along for the trip. 

“I don’t remember giving NeNe a plus one,” Sheree said to the camera with a shocked expression on her face. 

Sheree quickly aired her thoughts on the whole matter because she was mad Nene did not invite Porsha to her party. 

Nene felt upset because she had defended Porsha in the past, and that they were too far gone to attempt to fix things. 

“I don’t remember giving NeNe a plus one,” Sheree said to the camera.

NeNe Leakes Dazzles

Nene then opened up about Porsha making comments about her during the radio show. 

“You talk bulls–t every day at your job!” NeNe said. You sit up and talk s–t about me!” 

All hell broke loose when Kenya joined in on the argument. 

“I never called and tried to get you mother-f—ing fired!” NeNe shouted at Porsha. “Nobody had your back but me, bitch!”

Yes, these ladies will never be able to have a getaway without fighting.