Jax Taylor on Dating Stassi Schroeder: I Was Terrified Of Her!

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Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder broke up way back in Vanderpump Rules Season 1, so it's easy to forget that they ever dated at all.

And based on his latest description of life with Stassi, it seems Jax would love nothing more than to have the relationship wiped from his memory, Eternal Sunshine-style.

Stassi Schroeder in Black

Saying Jax and Stassi's relationship was unhealthy would be putting it very, very mildly.

Taylor may have been caught cheating on Brittany Cartwright on multiple occasions, but his new relationship looks downright stable when compared to his time witch Schroeder.

To be fair, Jax and Stassi brought the crazy in equal measure.

He slept with her friends and gaslighted her whenever she started to catch on, while she ... apparently sabotaged his career and made him fear for his life.

Taylor opened up about the relationship during a recent installment of Bravo's Daily Dish podcast:

"I remember I booked this cool modeling job. It was like for Carnival cruises where I had to be the dad, you know those commercials?" Jax said.

Jax Taylor in a Coat

"She called up the client the night before or got on the email and said, 'He's not doing this job, it's with a girl.'"

Yes, apparently Jax was forced to abide by Mike Pence-like anti-cootie rules while dating Stassi.

"I’m like, I'm playing a dad on a Carnival cruise line commercial, I need that, that's my job!" he continued.

"It was a significant amount of money. I didn't even know she did it and I woke up the next morning and I'm checking my email. They're like, 'Yeah we found somebody else.' The client's like, I don't need this drama. I don't need your girlfriend emailing me! Im like, are you f-cking kidding me?

And why did Jax tolerate such bizarre treatment for so long?

The answer won't surprise anyone who's heard some of Stassi's bizarrely-detailed death threats:

Stassi Schroeder Snapshot

"I think I was just too scared of her," he said.

"I was literally, legitimately scared of her."

Jax went on to say that ever since Stassi returned to Vanderpump back in 2015, all has been well between the exes:

"I think Stassi, since she's returned to the show, she's been a really cool person," Taylor explained.

"She's humbled herself a little bit, I think she's OK with making fun of herself. When you humble yourself, make fun of yourself, you're easier to be around."

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to remind yourself of how justified Jax's fear of the Murder Khaleesi truly was.

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