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If you watched last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, you know that the show’s sixth season premiere certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of bad behavior and high drama.

And naturally, much of the lying and cheating came to us courtesy of Mr. Jax Taylor.

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At a party for Scheana Marie’s birthday, Jax was accused of cheating on longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright with his former SUR staffer Faith Stowers.

To make matters worse–and by "worse," we mean more entertainingly bonkers–Stowers informed James Kennedy that she missed her period and believes she might be pregnant with Jax’s baby, 

Yes, it was a season premiere that delivered season finale-caliber fireworks, and three of the show’s principal players discussed the latest developments in an interview with Us Weekly.

“I actually heard about it and I didn’t know what to think about it. It seemed pretty far-fetch,” Jax’s friend Tom Sandoval told Us.

“It’s something that you’ll definitely get to the bottom of pretty quickly in the season.”

Far-fetched?! Is Jax some sort of charismatic cult leader when the cameras aren’t rolling?

The only thing far-fetched about this situation is the idea that Jax was actually monogamous for two years prior to banging a co-worker.

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Shockingly, Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, echoed the sentiment, saying that she believes Jax has put his cheating ways behind him since meeting Brittany:

“That was pretty shocking and … it’s one of those things. Jax, with Brittany, he’s seemed kind of like this different person, so to hear that rumor, it’s like, ’Is it far-fetched? But it is.’ It’s weird," Ariana told the tabloid.

She added that she was surprised by the accusation, as she doesn’t believe that Stowers would stoop so low:

“In the past I would have said, ‘Oh yeah, for sure.’ Because that sounds just like Jax. But now, it doesn’t seem like that. Also, Faith was somebody I considered to be a friend," Madix said.

"So that’s also really weird and shocking and upsetting. The whole thing was just bizarre, honestly.”

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Not surprisingly, longtime Jax detractor Katie Maloney is considerably less willing to give Taylor the benefit of the doubt.

"It was sad,” she told Us.

“It was hard because Brittany is such a sweet, amazing person, who deserves the best — 100 percent. I was nervous about her getting with Jax. I remember when they first started dating, we were like, ‘If you screw her over, you’re done. We keep her. You go.’

“For the most part, I felt like he had been behaving himself,” Katie added.

“But when I heard this, I knew it was true. No one had told me anything, but knowing Jax, there was never a question of whether or not it was just a rumor.”

Asked if she believes Jax is even capable of being monogamous, Maloney revealed that she’s not terribly optimistic:

“No. I think he needs to be with someone where it can be like an open relationship. Maybe be with a woman who is kind of the same way as him. You know, have a little side action.”

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Madix chimed in, saying that while she doesn’t necessarily believe Jax was unfaithful to his girlfriend, she does feel that he needs to treat Cartwright better if he wants the relationship to continue:

“She doesn’t deserve that. She doesn’t deserve half the … like the ‘make me a sandwich’ comments,” Ariana said.

“Some of the stuff that Jax has said to her and about her, she doesn’t deserve that at all.”

None of the cast members would confirm or deny the reports that Jax and Brittany have broken up, but they assured fans that there’s plenty more drama to come.

“It’s just … not over," Maloney stated.

Follow the link to watch Vanderpump Rules online and get caught up for what’s sure to be a wild season.