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Eminem is back in the news these days, in large part because of his somewhat unexpectedly scathing vocal criticism of Donald Trump.

This seems to have befuddled many a pissed-off white dude, forcing them to turn to scripture and Kid Rock’s Twitter page for answers.

Eminem, Fist Raised

But regardless of where you stand on Em’s politics, there are certain Shady-related truths on which we can all agree.

For example:

1. He’s one of the most gifted rappers to ever pick up a mic.

2. Cheddar Bob was the real hero of 8 Mile.

3. Em’s daughter is a total smoke show.

That third point may seem a bit strange if you grew up listening to Mr. Mathers rap about his baby daughter Hailie and being harassed daily by this fat kid named D’Angelo Bailey, but allow us to put your concerns to rest.

At 22, Hailie Jade is very much a grown woman

And she looks like this:

The Hollywood Gossip

See what we mean?

Her dad may be a psychopath with an unhealthy chainsaw obsession, but it’s pretty much impossible not to comment on his daughter’s hotness.

We may wind up getting brutally murdered, but hopefully, the confession will come in the form of a blistering freestyle in which the word "orange" is rhymed several times.

Proving that being born into fabulous wealth and fame should never interfere with one’s basicness, Hailie captioned the photo, "Happy early birthday to me."

(Hailie turned 22 on Christmas Day.)

The Hollywood Gossip

We kid Hailie, but it really is a relief to see her mature into such a stable and grounded young woman.

Eminem gushes about Hailie every chance he gets, and it’s certainly not hard to see why.

In addition to being beautiful, Hailie is bright and ambitious, set to graduate from Michigan State University in 2018.

Earning a degree is an impressive feat for anyone, but for Hailie it’s downright miraculous, considering how poorly things could have gone.

She’s been a fixture in her father’s music since before she learned how to talk, but it certainly doesn’t seem like she’ll be giving in to the child star curse anytime soon.

Em defied the odds when he emerged from a Detroit trailer park to become one of the most celebrated musical artists on the planet.

In her own, more quiet way, it seems Hailie is following suit.