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Oliver and Felicity got married at the close of the DC crossover, and Arrow Season 6 Episode 9 found them making the whole thing official. 

When the episode got underway, the couple were ecstatic to be married finally, and it seemed like Donna Smoak was slowly, but surely getting the hots again for Noah. 

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While everyone enjoyed the event, Lance got a shocking phone call in which someone volunteered the news that someone from Team Arrow spoke to Agent Watson and named Oliver as Green Arrow. 

Oliver wondered which member of the team could be trying to double-cross him, so he tasked his new wife with showing him where Rene, Dinah, and Curtis had been. 

She found footage of Dinah meeting with Vince, and that was enough for the team to rule her as the perpetrator, but would she really go this far?

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Oliver decided to leave her out of a mission to steal something from good old ARGUS. The reason for the mission? Lance had been kidnapped by Black Siren and Cayden James wanted the device for Lance’s safe return home. 

When the team made their way back to the bunker, Dinah was unimpressed that she had been left out of the mission and wondered why that could be the case. 

Oliver wasted no time in confirming they already know about her meet-ups with the villains. Dinah was mad, saying that was not the case and they should have spoken to her first. 

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Just as Dinah was being looked down on by every single member of the team, Rene chimed in with some news: He was the tipster who went behind the team’s back. 

The FBI allegedly threatened him from ever seeing his daughter again, so he was forced to tell them the man in green was none other than Oliver Queen. 

Oliver was irate, but he knew the lengths he would go to for his own kid, so it made sense, in a way. Things got worse when Rene did not follow protocol on the exchange. 

But Team Arrow was fracturing and Dinah and Curtis were not impressed with the fact that they were put in the firing line for chatting to the feds. 

A New Team Arrow
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They quit the team and left Team Arrow in their rearview mirror, and who can blame them? Trust is integral to keeping things going smoothly. 

Oliver questioned how Cayden knew what was going on in the bunker, and they realized that Black Siren planted a camera in the bunker so everything they had been doing was being watched. 

We then found out that Anatoly, Vince, and Ricardo Diaz were all working together, so there’s that. 

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