The Voice Results: Who Got the Boot?

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With 11 people remaining in the mix, it was time to clip one away to leave us with the final ten performers of The Voice Season 13. 

The performance show left us with a lot of emotions after some big acts went with songs that did not do them justice, and probably put them in the firing line as far as voting goes. 

Miley Cyrus Smiles on The Voice

Last week, Adam Cunningham got a reprieve thanks to the instant save, but did he manage to remain in the competition for another week?

The show opened with Team Miley performing a colorful rendition of "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." It was a great way to kick off the show and showed that some of her acts were very great performers. 

Team Adam followed that up with a rendition of "Go Your Own Way." To the surprise of absolutely nobody, it only served to show Adam Cunningham in a better light. 

Will the show ever stop trying to make this dude a thing? There is such a thing as favoritism, and it's clear the producers are betting big on Adam being the one to stick around. 

Jennifer Hudson on The Voice Season 13

It was then swiftly revealed which two acts brought up the rear and would have to sing for survival. Adam Cunningham and Janice Freeman were the two unlucky contestants. 

That meant this was the second time in two weeks for Andy to be in this spot, was another instant save in store for him? 

His performance of "Amazed" was a surprisingly good one. It was perfect, and he legit sung for his life. He knew it did not look good to be in the bottom again and wanted to sway votes his way. 

Adam Cunningham on The Voice

But was it enough?

Meanwhile, Janice went with "Chandelier, " and it was not great. That song is widely regarded as one of the highest-pitched songs around, so it boggles the mind as to why Janice would think it would be a good choice. 

Her voice was loud, but it came across as though she was shouting for much of it and that's not a good look. 

Out of the two performances, Adam turned in the best one, and it would be a real travesty for him to go so soon. 

Janice Freeman on The Voice

Thankfully, Adam was saved! 

Thus, Janice Freeman exited the competition!

What do you think of this?

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