Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 8 Recap: Who Hacked the Hospital?!

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The action went into high gear on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 8 when it emerged that the hospital had been hacked. 

Everything was calm in the opening scenes of the hospital, with Meredith wondering what her next big milestone would be while preparing for surgery. 

A Hacker Rocks Seattle Grace

During an interview about the Harper Avery win, Meredith was surprised when she realized her surgery time was diminishing. 

So, she cut the interview short and went to grab an intern for her surgery. Jo was struggling to play a mean doctor, and Meredith took Schmitt off of his hands. 

Meredith's patient needed her spleen operating on, so she prepared the woman for surgery. They went the keyhole route because it would leave the least amount of scarring. 

Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

Things took a horrifying turn when the hospital was hacked and Meredith and Schmitt had to act fast. Meredith realized that she needed to open the woman up, so she sent Schmitt for blood. 

The issue was that the blood room's passcode was changed during the hack, meaning Meredith had a woman who needed blood on the operating table. 

Schmitt ultimately gave up some of his own blood and it helped garner him some brownie points with the award-winning surgeon. 

Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

Bailey had a snafu with the FBI when she asked them to let Jackson pay the $20 million ransom out of his own funds, and it made the FBI go crazy because they did not want it to get out. 

Jackson and Maggie worked together to save a man, but they had to take him to a local hospital because if the electricity shut off, the man would not be able to breathe. 

On the helicopter, the man's tubing came out and blood sprayed across the whole helicopter, but it did not seem as if the patient was going to make it out of this mess alive. 

Arizona Has Been Ghosted

Alex and Jo worked with a child who was in trouble because he may or may not have another clot in his brain. As his condition deteriorated, the doctors scrambled to find out whether the kid had been given a vital vitamin. 

They could give him a drug if he had been given it, but Alex and Amelia decided to go ahead with the drug because they thought it was a chance worth taking. 

However, Jo found the doctor who was supposed to administer the vitamin, and learned that he did not give the kid it. As Jo raced back to stop Alex from giving the drug, she bumped into a familiar face. 

Deluca on Grey's Anatomy

Her abusive ex-husband was in Seattle Grace! Oh, and Alex gave the kid the drug. 

What the hell is going on?

We'll find out January 18 when Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC!

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