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Change is coming. And, perhaps, a new season.

Ami Brown’s battle with lung cancer is serious, folks. Depending on how well her chemo treatments go, she could still be with us for some times … but some things are never going to be the same.

For the family, and also for Alaskan Bush People.

Ami Brown and Billy Brown in Alaska

Ami Brown has recently been in Colorado. And it’s believed that she was filming with her family.

Not necessarily filming Season 8, to be clear.

Until now, it’s appeared that Alaskan Bush People remains mostly in production limbo as Ami continues to undergo cancer treatments.

(That’s really for the best — Ami does not need to be overextending herself during this difficult time, and we’re glad that the network and production are willing to accommodate her medical needs and the family’s feelings during this time)

No, the Brown family has been filming an Alaskan Bush People Christmas special that is set to air on Discovery on December 15th.

(That’s right, folks; they filmed their Christmas special in, like, late October and early November … that’s how reality shows work, but it’s not going to discourage the people who like to slam Alaskan Bush People as fake)

Rain Brown, Alaskan Throwback

When they’re not filming in the area of Trinidad, Colorado, the Brown family has been living large in a $2.7 million Beverly Hills mansion.

In fact, Ami has taken a brief break from chemo to film … but she’s said to be headed back.

The non-fan page Alaskan Bush People Exposed, which has often been a source of reliable information about the Brown family, shared that Noah Brown and his fiancee, Rhain, are in Trinidad, Colorado for filming.

(Actually, they call her "Night Stalker." Again, they are not a fan site)

The anti-fan page’s admin adds:

"The rest of the Browns should be showing up sometime soon after Ami finishes chemo."

They’ve also stated that all of the Brown family is filming "this season."

Alaskan Bush People Pic

This might mean that the Brown family is filming Season 8 at last. But, until there’s an official announcement, we need to remind ourselves that the Browns may have been filming a little extra footage for their upcoming Christmas special.

(Reshoots can happen way closer to an air date than most people would think)

Still, if there is a Season 8, certain things will absolutely be different:

For one thing, Alaskan Bush People is now a misnomer.

Some would argue that it was always misleading and that the entire series is a "sham," based upon reports that the production team delivered supplies to the family and that they all slept in hotel rooms instead of actually sleeping in the wilderness.

(It’s a reality show, folks; not a documentary)

Now, though, the family will be filming in a new homestead … in Colorado.

And, according to Alaskan Bush People Exposed, the Brown family is never ever going back to Alaska to film.

"Colorado will be their new forever home," their admin wrote.

Rain Brown is Back in Colorado!

That’s a disappointment to many fans who enjoyed the first seven seasons and are uncomfortable with change.

Others are excited, including some residents of Alaska who felt that the "frontier" image of the series was doing their state a disservice.

And of course there are haters who, citing the "sham" elements of Alaskan Bush People, wanted to end their association with Alaska.

But Colorado won’t be so bad, right? Just look at this photo that Rain snapped recently:

There’s plenty of wilderness in Colorado, so fans can enjoy much more.

And there’s a hospital less than an hour from the family’s new homestead. That’s absolutely vital.

Even if Ami receives her chemo in L.A. … we all know that terrible things can happen when someone is battling a terminal illness like Ami is.

The new homestead in Colorado seems like the perfect balance of rugged wilderness and not so far from civilization that you’d die if something goes wrong.

Nobody likes change, but Ami Brown’s health — everyone’s health, really — should come first, shouldn’t it?