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More Alaskan Bush People is on the way! 

Alaskan Bush People‘s grim hiatus exists for a very good reason, but fans of the series and of the Brown family are about to get a reprieve. But we’re not talking about Season 8 filming. Not just yet.

The Browns are coming back with an Alaskan Bush People Christmas special. But … will it involve Ami?

The Alaskan Bush People

Christmas is a big deal for the Brown family.

Not just because they’re Christians and not just because Christmas in both its secular and religious forms is thoroughly ubiquitous in American culture.

And also not just because they’re reality stars whose producers know that a "feel good" Christmas episode is often a recipe for success.

We’ve talked a bit about the Brown family’s youngest member, Rain Brown. She’s on social media now, so we get to see her selfies along with more serious posts about how she’s not sure if her mom’s going to make it.

Well, Rain’s birth name isn’t "Rain" or "Rainy."

Her full name is, and we are not making this up: Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop "Rainy" Brown.

Now, she’s named that because of the time of year in which she was born — Rain’s 15th birthday is in just 10 days, folks! — but she’s not named Thanksgiving Brown or Solstice Brown or Dies Natalis Solis Invicti Brown.

So, yeah, it’s a pretty special time of year.

Rain Brown and a Deer Sculptrue

This year will be an even bigger deal, because Alaskan Bush People will be filming, not in Alaska, but in Colorado.

We told you that the Browns were called out as fake by fans over their move to Colorado.

Those fans felt like they’d been played for fools by the Brown family’s survivalist antics on-screen but real life comfort. For them, the final straw was the family moving to another state altogether.

And, of course, we know that the Brown family is now living large in a Beverly Hills mansion. That’s kind of the opposite of "roughing it."

(But it’s not actually surprising — Ami Brown’s chemotherapy can’t happen in the wilderness, and they’ve been making money for seven seasons of a reality series)

TV Insider reports that this year’s "Bushmas" special features nearly the entire Brown family, and that is has already filmed.

Ami Brown in a Wheelchair

This is exciting news! … Mostly.

(Honestly, "Bushmas" as a name is a mistake … it sounds less like a wholesome family special and more like particularly festive pubic hair)

There’s been no formal announcement of a new season, and we probably won’t know about that until Ami Brown’s battle with terminal lung cancer is resolved.

But the "Bushmas" special will air on December 15th.

The Brown’s have done Christmas episodes before, but this will be a standalone special.

It will be in Colorado.

And … will it involve Ami?

Alaskan Bush People Pic

Like we said, the report doesn’t guarantee that every Brown will be there. And Alaskan Bush People is famous for its recycled footage, so there’s bound to be some of that.

But Ami Brown was photographed in Colorado recently. Billy Brown ignited a firestorm of controversy by prominently displaying his preferred brand of cigarettes in his pocket while his wife dies of lung cancer.

That sort of overshadowed questions of why Ami was there.

Now it seems likely that Ami was there.

We just hope that this "Bushmas" and the actual Christmas that follows won’t be her last.

The real mystery is whether or not Bam Bam or Noah, who have both reportedly been spotted in Colorado recently, made the cut or not.